Mid Plat Comp 5s Team LF Head Coach - Mirage White - Upcoming League

Mirage Gaming is a Global Organization with competitive League, CS:GO & Smash players in NA, LAN & Europe! We have gotten teams into the Challenger Series, Challenger rank and now look towards helping players improve as well as fulfill their dreams of LCS! We are currently looking for various positions in our two sister teams. The two sister teams will not only compete in biweekly scrims with their sister team but also play in quarterly tournaments with other organizations! The position duties will be brought into more detail when given the position but here is a quick rundown: Head Coach - Lead Team Discussions: (Team strategy/comps/builds/etc.). - Document and take detailed notes of team games and discussions. - Conduct one on one team member meetings. - Prep and execute pick / ban phase - Overall take part in helping to run the team (There are other duties not listed that do not require listing until they come up in future activities) We are a fun and welcoming gaming organization provided to help improve players in not only individual performance but as well as team play with other like-minded individuals like yourself! If you wish to improve and climb to the top! or join a team willing to one day join the LCS! This is the place for you! We offer programs such as Mentorship, Recruitment, and even One on One coaching! All complimentary for joining the Organization! So come on down to Mirage Gaming and join a new upcoming organization focused on helping players IMPROVE, STAY TRUE AND KILL NOOBS!!! **If Interested** Add *Tae Kitty* in game or Tae#6969 on discord. https://twitter.com/miragegg?lang=en https://www.facebook.com/MirageGG [Upcoming Website; Still under development]

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