SkyFall League (SFL) Brand New Gold Plat League LF Teams

Hello everyone! My name is Cap I'm the owner here at SkyFall And I'm here to introduce to you guys a whole new league that we are starting up at SkyFall Esports called the SFL it is a 8 team 16 week league. We are currently looking for 6 more teams to join the league! The league matches will be scheduled for saturday nights at 8:00pm EST (Reschedules available) and there is a 10$ entry fee (2$ per player!) We also welcome free agents to join the discord and be a part of the community so if you're interested in being a possible option for a team should they lose a member feel free to join in the fun that way! And last but not least we are also recruiting people who would like to Shoutcast, analyze, and stream games for the League! If this interests you click the link below! SFL Team Application: Caster/Streamer/Analyst Application: Discord Link:
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