Sona Pentakill Sounds

UPDATE 6/12/2014: Riot hears our cries, and are hoping to add some different sounds to Pentakill Sona eventually! :D [Riot Comment Here]( I was looking forward to the Pentakill Sona update, because I LOVE the skin, and it's awesome, but the thing that bugs me most is that her sounds are still exactly the same, she still has her light, happy harp-like music, which clashes HORRIBLY with her Heavy Metal Pentakill skin, so I was hoping that the update would include some new sound effects, or special effects at least to fit in with the skin more. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Which is incredibly disappointing. As a 975 RP skin, which includes many of the Pool Party skins, skins like Amethyst Ashe, Frostfire Annie, Dragonslayer Braum, Rageborn Mundo, Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, Bloodstone Lissandra, and Darkflame Shyvana among many others. These skins all have special effects, and some have additional sounds as well. I honestly feel that the Pentakill Sona skin right now is nowhere near worth the RP spent on it, compared to many, MANY other 975 RP skins. I'm not sure if alternate sounds are planned for later, or in progress, or if this is just a missed opportunity that Riot didn't notice, or forgot about, but the Pentakill Sona skin right now is just terribly unfitting with her sound effects, and special effects.
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