From Metalian to Metalian - Riot's bumpfist transformed to Riot's metalhand

Good day to all who shall hear my voice, Metalians and Players equally enough, To listen the awesome voice they made just for us. Like a real riot in a city my heart is shaken, Living in a world with true Metalians, Lend me your ears for my last confession. I almost lost hope in this world, I thought there was no hope for my love, I live for Metal and with your new album you did vow. Vow to never let Metal die, To save us all from the all-seeing eye, I thank you Riot very kindly. Raise your hands and embrace the new age, Kill - Double Kill - Triple Kill - Quadra Kill - Pentakill - Ultimate Savage, Thank you Jorn and ZP for the epic stage! From: One of the craziest Metalmaniacs on this world.
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