Riot you better be joking on this one

There is no way you guys actually think your game report system works. It is a complete joke and should be wither removed completely or fixed. You are trying to make players less toxic by allowing people who feed and ruin the game for others then ban people who say r%%%%% once in chat. this is a consistent problem so stop buffing champs and releasing skins for them and start fixing your game because eventual i could imagine this ruining your game. I said to a 0/5 Mundo at 10 min, and he went 0/9 at the end of the game baiting and intentional feeding the whole game. would die top then tp back and stand there allowing the enemy top to kill him. With my bot lane Varus running it down min on 2 occasions. I said "Mundo please stop feeding and sit under tower to farm" "Mundo you have 5 deaths in 10 minutes, maybe you should stop pushing up and feeding" continued saying stuff like this til I said "Mundo you r%%%%% why are you inting" after he baits me and runs it down toplane. Yet i banned both these people and I got the chat restriction. riot please use common knowlage and your actual brain in developing a report system because this is the closest i have ever been to breaking my entire pc. PLEASE FIX.
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