How did this get me perm banned?

Nothing racist, nothing homophobic, no fowl language, and doing the best i can dealing with trolls. Riot decides to perm ban me for this after only 1 chat ban. Could this be a valid law suit? At the very most it could be seen as excessive trash talk but that's no where near deserving of a perm ban. Game 1 SylentHavoc: lmao that draven skin xD SylentHavoc: play safe top and just last hit SylentHavoc: back singed he can 1 hit u lol SylentHavoc: o shit i didnt realize lux was afk SylentHavoc: yi take ur freelo ass back to bots SylentHavoc: play a champ who isnt ez and broken and u wouldnt get banned SylentHavoc: i dont believe. its 4v5 lol SylentHavoc: nice try SylentHavoc: stfu it was a 3v1 get good plz SylentHavoc: broken yi to the rescue saving the bad lb SylentHavoc: ow lol SylentHavoc: nj singed SylentHavoc: y didnt u wait SylentHavoc: dont chase SylentHavoc: rekt SylentHavoc: get worthed on SylentHavoc: its sad that they r losing a 4v5 SylentHavoc: u ever get rylais on singed? SylentHavoc: im not kidding this is stupid SylentHavoc: if ur want to duo mid then duo mid but stop being a frikn punk and camping my lane SylentHavoc: no u cant lmao none of u can solo anyone SylentHavoc: i cant beat any of u 1v1 guaranteed SylentHavoc: see? lol lb play on ur own plz SylentHavoc: im done SylentHavoc: stfu ur terrible SylentHavoc: yi is the only one doing anything SylentHavoc: ur trash SylentHavoc: trash SylentHavoc: whatever i have already proven im the superior player u can do what u want now SylentHavoc: i dont even need to win now lol SylentHavoc: i dont even need to win now u proved im better SylentHavoc: 2v1 again lmfao SylentHavoc: ur so bad lmfao SylentHavoc: trash SylentHavoc: none of them can 1v1 anyone SylentHavoc: lol im better than all of u SylentHavoc: i want trash out of my game SylentHavoc: idc im still better than u SylentHavoc: say what u want idc SylentHavoc: ez SylentHavoc: so ad lmao SylentHavoc: bad SylentHavoc: ur lb is 3/4 SylentHavoc: ur also losing a 4v5 SylentHavoc: this match is to ez SylentHavoc: id rather play bots SylentHavoc: wiff SylentHavoc: ez SylentHavoc: back SylentHavoc: this isy hate norms SylentHavoc: so many trash players SylentHavoc: #broken SylentHavoc: trash SylentHavoc: free dragon though so thanks for that SylentHavoc: gl with rest of the game SylentHavoc: get worthed on SylentHavoc: ^^ SylentHavoc: lb and yi r duo im assuming SylentHavoc: bad SylentHavoc: rip SylentHavoc: lol i was trying to zhonyas with it on cooldown xD SylentHavoc: lets group and push i think we can beat them they suck SylentHavoc: we need to group and push SylentHavoc: cod player SylentHavoc: wait until im up then we push SylentHavoc: rip SylentHavoc: ez Game 2 SylentHavoc: is it weird that i feel like playing thresh now? SylentHavoc: ya lol SylentHavoc: btw relic i glitched atm on thresh SylentHavoc: ya thats what i mean SylentHavoc: range worked but close didnt lol SylentHavoc: back ill cover SylentHavoc: 4 bot? really? SylentHavoc: everyone just farm for not SylentHavoc: 15 cs = 1 kill SylentHavoc: sorry trist either thresh doesnt speak english or has us muted idk which SylentHavoc: figures SylentHavoc: they backed about 5 minutes ago ur way late SylentHavoc: im with trist tbh SylentHavoc: this is y people need to stay in their own dam servers SylentHavoc: i just want to win ONE today is that too much to ask SylentHavoc: i think he might be a bot SylentHavoc: i dont like losing its not fun. thats y im complaining. i dont like playing with people who lose. SylentHavoc: k well not 3 in a row SylentHavoc: every game i get put with idiots SylentHavoc: i have a problem SylentHavoc: i hate idiots thats my problem SylentHavoc: and riot always puts me with idiots every game SylentHavoc: hurry and end please im sick of this team SylentHavoc: ya i am SylentHavoc: is that a proiblem SylentHavoc: last itme i checked im allowed to be mad SylentHavoc: no u lose by having bad team mates who dont listen SylentHavoc: yes SylentHavoc: stop arguing with me i know more than u do SylentHavoc: bg Game 3 SylentHavoc: wish i had valkyrie diana on here SylentHavoc: ty SylentHavoc: r they duoing top? SylentHavoc: y did u take my blue SylentHavoc: after 6 ill start ganking my ganks are weak before then SylentHavoc: varus i thought u had that so much lol SylentHavoc: i took ur wolves hope u dont mind SylentHavoc: oh zyra went top i was like wtf lol SylentHavoc: ffs leave my blue alone SylentHavoc: ult her SylentHavoc: i did SylentHavoc: zyra just stop SylentHavoc: ur agging it on just stfu SylentHavoc: trist is gone i want them hitting turret SylentHavoc: thanks varus i thoguht he was about to flash away lol SylentHavoc: varus help me with this SylentHavoc: so much bm SylentHavoc: illaoi ur tanky and sitting on the back line wtf r u doing SylentHavoc: luck SylentHavoc: hes trying to troll because zyra kept bming him SylentHavoc: he was just standing and laughing SylentHavoc: not him*. SylentHavoc: even before he started trolling SylentHavoc: hes not a bot hes just trolling because the zyra was harassing him SylentHavoc: k SylentHavoc: u harassed him then he went afk SylentHavoc: he didnt fele like dealing with u SylentHavoc: cheers SylentHavoc: all mine SylentHavoc: i got gold form all of them but ok SylentHavoc: obv SylentHavoc: bm SylentHavoc: luck SylentHavoc: no u dont i already watched u use it SylentHavoc: i must be because i def didnt see it lol SylentHavoc: zil no ult SylentHavoc: bg

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