trolls ( rank flex)

hi, i wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about trolls. I dont get allot of them too often but when i do i just feel like quitting the game cause people like this just ruin the fun of playing league of legends. So now i will tell you a little bit about one of the thing that happened to me a while ago, because i never told it and i would like to share it with you guys. First of all, i was in a 3v3 rank trying to climb to gold, i was actually silver at that time. Then while playing, one of my teammates just trated to talk to the other team, for what reason, idk why. i was as usual just trying to play my best and win it for my team. Then this guy( the yi) just started talking bad about me and then he told the team i was trolling and to make sure to report me. at that time our top laner was just trolling and at the same time yi was farming and actually looking like he could carry but he was just toxic. so i just kept pushing and didnt say a word cause at the start i asked our warwick why he was trolling and thats when the yi started to amplify his toxic behavior. So knowing that i just said to myself just keep going and focus on the game, dont talk even if he insults you. so we reach their base, and we can easily end it but suddently he and the warwick our top laner, just decide to let me on my own and start laughing at me saying awn hes trying so hard its sad... i really didnt like what i was seeing and but i was still trying to win the game. every time i was dead, the yi was getting an ace and right after was just waiting till they respawn and then just looked at me trying to win and get killed by the three of them or if i was just not going into there base but trying to farm and turtle, he would say report him hes inting or hes afk and all sort of stuff and basically just trying to keep me trapped into the game cause every time i would start a surrender vote they would all say no and the other team after an hour finally end it. After that game i litterally stop playing that day cause i just would not want that to happen again and also it ruined my fun. So i tell you, if you want to play rank, Be sure to play with your friends, thats the best way to not have some trolls in your team except if you go into solo queue( except bronze i know) but higher its not that bad. But flex 3s and flex 5s are the worst. i got a jax in flex 5s that had 20 kills and we were about to end the game but suddently he said ok gg and started a vote but unfortunatly for him the vote was 3/2, i guess that guy that voted no was not part of them. So ya be careful guys, trolls are really annoying. I would like to know if something like that ever happened to one of you guys.
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