"If you play bad, we'll all report you" - clans/groups/premades

Hi, Lately i have been getting threats from clans/groups/premades. They tell me when i'll play bad they'll mass report me. Is it possible if enough of these 'premades' report me, i get a chat restriction? because from my knowledge you get chat restriction with 0 honor when you say stuff that can't be detected (by bots) so they trust the players, if there's enough reports they'll give u a chat restriction. Am i right with how the system kinda works for those reports? i'm also assuming that In-game they were sometimes just intentionally completely ignoring every move or call i did. Making it very hard to win. (i just notice it very well) I just don't want to get banned over a system that's might or might not be abusable by this manner (happened before on other game). Thx for reading, -Sorakan
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