The Trolls Have Won And Are Immune To Criticism - Punish the Victims Instead

Just got chat restricted because I guess the trolls in my game didn't like that I wasn't happy with their choices. Of course, the chat log has zero context so nothing makes any sense because the whole punishment system and log is just a formality. There's actually zero justice and certainly no context for peers to judge it in any realistic sense. The worst interpretation will always be taken as is human nature when seeing someone labeled as "guilty" and being incapable of viewing either the game or the full logs to see what/who I'm responding to. This is just a disgustingly awful system. It's pretty clear they made sure for it to be stacked against you in every way possible when viewed by others. There is absolutely no attempt at fairness. It's almost worthless to even provide logs. # = comment not in game Game 1 RiftScuttlerOP: can't wait for 30 min dc in teamfight #this was typed when a player on our team disconnected and reconnected RiftScuttlerOP: above average leash #not sarcastic at all, Nami healed me and gave a very long leash RiftScuttlerOP: kayn's brain hasn't transformed yet #Kayn was on the enemy team and just ran into us 1v2 and this was not even typed in all chat, not to mention it's just a joke RiftScuttlerOP: :p RiftScuttlerOP: kayn's bot btw RiftScuttlerOP: PLEASE RiftScuttlerOP: I don't even have mana RiftScuttlerOP: idk what you're thinking #Galio straight ints into Kassadin under turret diving with no wave in the early game vs a full HP player and with me having no mana and spam pinging back RiftScuttlerOP: my red is gone prob RiftScuttlerOP: ahhh RiftScuttlerOP: garen ad? RiftScuttlerOP: ffs RiftScuttlerOP: sigh RiftScuttlerOP: game was going so well till we dived RiftScuttlerOP: randomly RiftScuttlerOP: we can dive RiftScuttlerOP: I have R RiftScuttlerOP: psuh frist RiftScuttlerOP: that's not at all what I mean RiftScuttlerOP: you're supposed to let me tnak it RiftScuttlerOP: and intiiate it RiftScuttlerOP: yes, the wave #asking to setup a top dive, Garen just tanks the turret and fights even though I can reset aggro RiftScuttlerOP: he roams too mcuh RiftScuttlerOP: game was 100% free till he dived RiftScuttlerOP: I even stole kayn's jg RiftScuttlerOP: yeah, galio doesn't RiftScuttlerOP: always RiftScuttlerOP: I'm pretty tiled off it RiftScuttlerOP: our mid trolled RiftScuttlerOP: not intentionally RiftScuttlerOP: just his play RiftScuttlerOP: the one thing we needed was for him to just push lane mid and exist RiftScuttlerOP: instead we lose turret #Galio's 0/7 by now... just feeding everywhere he roams in addition to during lane... doesn't even use his waveclear to prevent FB turret RiftScuttlerOP: and kass is fed RiftScuttlerOP: galio can you get morello RiftScuttlerOP: ? RiftScuttlerOP: zzz RiftScuttlerOP: stop RiftScuttlerOP: don't be so close to them RiftScuttlerOP: why are you fightihn? RiftScuttlerOP: garen you are actualyl trolling too RiftScuttlerOP: you're so close to their engage range #Garen literally starts a 4v5 randomly while being spam pinged back... just walks and ints into the entire enemy team as a full AD Garen RiftScuttlerOP: doesn't even amtter RiftScuttlerOP: it's an awful fight RiftScuttlerOP: so tilting RiftScuttlerOP: I'm playing badly too RiftScuttlerOP: seeing such plays RiftScuttlerOP: get me out RiftScuttlerOP: literally all we have is bot RiftScuttlerOP: decisionmaking for other lanes is nonexistent RiftScuttlerOP: report RiftScuttlerOP: garen just walks into them RiftScuttlerOP: suicides despite spam pings back and no ability to contest RiftScuttlerOP: and dragon even being taken already RiftScuttlerOP: he's not even tanky to do that RiftScuttlerOP: jsut straight trolling #Garen literally walking into the enemy team yet again, this time at Dragon and with it already gone, us in no position to do anything... just spins and walks in alone, no setup, no engage, no plan to fight, team's not even there... but OH NO, GOD FORBID SOMEONE COMMENTS ON IT! Never point out the troll or the system gets you apparently. Because the toxic part isn't the clown who ints games and ruins it for everyone, it's the person frustrated by their decisions. RiftScuttlerOP: actually, I blamed mid RiftScuttlerOP: because he threw our lead and my jg lead RiftScuttlerOP: but he's way better than this garne RiftScuttlerOP: just ff RiftScuttlerOP: I've never seen a top just int into their team like garen Don't even see what's so bad about this log that it deserves a chat restriction. This was really mild compared to what these players deserved for ruining my experience and any chance to win. 2 lanes just inting - not even caught out, not outplayed, just inting. Maybe it's not 100% intentional but you'd have to be totally brainless to think walking into the enemy team as a full AD Garen at random times and outnumbered is going to turn differently. He was already feeding in lane and not even strong or tanky. Galio was not quite that bad but also just absurd decisions. I think it's totally ridiculous that this game is considered "toxic". I deserve a medal for saying only this much and players like this should get banned from ranked games. It's OK to have bad games and to lose lane. Most people with bad scores have them because they are caught or the team is behind and losing fights so naturally they die too. However,i t's not OK to walk into full teams randomly and just sit there till dead multiple times. Game 2 RiftScuttlerOP: report our afk top #Randomly picks Karma top into Irelia and doesn't even have Karma games in his history (plus goes squishy AP and gets solod over and over). Just sits there afk till 1:34 and doesn't leash. RiftScuttlerOP: clever karma #was not sarcastic at all, it was a nice escape RiftScuttlerOP: I messed up RiftScuttlerOP: stole his red RiftScuttlerOP: not sure where he is RiftScuttlerOP: if not at red RiftScuttlerOP: told you RiftScuttlerOP: sorry RiftScuttlerOP: thought youi had no charge RiftScuttlerOP: it's the only reason i died RiftScuttlerOP: thoguht I had R RiftScuttlerOP: but honestly you really should roam RiftScuttlerOP: you just sit and farm vs kass RiftScuttlerOP: he massively outscales RiftScuttlerOP: you don't even pink twitch jg RiftScuttlerOP: so we can collapse RiftScuttlerOP: no pressure RiftScuttlerOP: just farming RiftScuttlerOP: and now you can't lane vs him without mr RiftScuttlerOP: ahri have you bought any pinks at all? RiftScuttlerOP: only my pink is ont he map RiftScuttlerOP: really frustrating to see us do nothing vs a twitch jg RiftScuttlerOP: I counterjg him for 2 buffs but I need deep vision RiftScuttlerOP: only have 1 ward RiftScuttlerOP: for pink RiftScuttlerOP: love how draven refused to come RiftScuttlerOP: even though we'd take it 2x as fast RiftScuttlerOP: and not have any risk #we just killed their bot and their jungler but our fed full HP Draven just backs in a bush instead of helping with Dragon. His support and I are spam pinging Dragon. I'm Ekko JG and don't take Dragon fast but it's definitely the right call if the ADC doesn't back for no reason (we even killed their turret already). Since I take it so slowly without Draven, I eventually run into their respawned jungler and die but I think I did manage to at least Smite it. RiftScuttlerOP: I'm hybrid RiftScuttlerOP: be quiet, I hard carried this game early RiftScuttlerOP: you guys just didn't let me RiftScuttlerOP: twitch had half my cs and his buffs stolen RiftScuttlerOP: and I pinged his location RiftScuttlerOP: when he ganked RiftScuttlerOP: for example the first top kill RiftScuttlerOP: nothign to come for RiftScuttlerOP: warded RiftScuttlerOP: and pushed RiftScuttlerOP: but I did deep ward twitch jg RiftScuttlerOP: ???? RiftScuttlerOP: you didn't even leash RiftScuttlerOP: you were afk RiftScuttlerOP: and it's a far better start on ekko RiftScuttlerOP: I wa splanning on ganking bot RiftScuttlerOP: but ran into twitch RiftScuttlerOP: and you picked a useless top RiftScuttlerOP: way worse than ekko jg RiftScuttlerOP: believe me Great report system. Honesty not allowed, criticism not allowed, analysis not allowed. Absolutely horrendous system. The worst. You can't come up with a worse and less fair system if you tried. People can do anything in the games, you are not allowed to comment if it's not something they want to hear. They can int games and that's OK. They can AFK and that's OK. They can troll pick champs they have zero clue about and go totally off-meta feeding their asses off 1v1, that's OK. Show ANY frustration towards this cancerous behavior, get punished. Absolute garbage system. Players like this do more to ruin experiences than someone pointing it out and even offering a few constructive tips among the frustration. I've gotten trolled nearly all day. Random Yasuos going 2/12 and clearly not playing the champion (almost no games and all feed), Zeds doing the same etc. It's OK for them to troll ranked picking something they're so bad at that they don't deserve to be in the same MMR bracket. Yeah, that's all fine and dandy. Just first time random champs in ranked, feed your ass off on high skill cap champs which you play to a D- level, ALL FINE. Point out any annoyance, OH NO! That's not OK! Pointing out the reality of the situation is just way too much. The feelings of the trolls will be hurt and they should just selfishly ruin more games while blissfully unaware that anyone is bothered by it. This garbage is almost the entire day and yet I'm the one who gets hit with a punishment. The hypocrisy is just mind boggling. I didn't even report most of these players but they legitimately ruined my games and apparently should be immune to criticism anyway. It's not like I called them retards or told them to jump off a bridge. What I said was gameplay related and even that's not allowed? I know Riot is owned by Tencent but is this China-level censorship now? BTW: Nearly all my comments are while people are raging at me and having really unrealistic expectations. For example, top lane goes 0 3 completely solo and blames me for not ganking her lane even though he saw me start the Red buff top and I'm Ekko JG anyway not Lee Sin. I can't just level 2 gank with W-Q like he demanded, nor am I strong early and if the gank isn't a kill, I forfeit my entire bot JG and basically lose the game off it. Bot lane blames me for not ganking even though my whole pathing was aimed at ganking bot and they just had wards + Twitch saw me when he took Scuttler. The rest of the comments were related to really trollish behavior. I don't criticize people without reason and certainly not for just mechanical misplays. It's more stuff like a guy sitting summonerless at 5% HP in his lane with a WW on the enemy team, refusing to leave for 30 seconds as I ping danger while I am in base and can't even help him etc. Those are just such silly decisions giving completely free kills. The reward is 6 more minions and the cost is certain death + at least another wave of XP/gold + all those advantages to the enemy and the chance of just getting the 6 minions without dying is probably something like 1/10. I don't mind people messing up but just don't be totally free and making decisions with incredibly high risk and minimal reward. When someone does that, it feels like they just don't care about their impact on the game and their teammates' chances. If it's already 1-14 or something, I can sort of understand it but not for balanced games.

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