we all know if u flame in just one game or maybe 2 in a row u'll get chat restricted or sometimes a 14 days banne or even permabanne (if u type kys) but if u int and troll for 20 GaMeS IN a Row u maybe MaYbE get a 14 days banne. toxic players can be stoped by the mute option ...but no one alive can stop the feeders and trollers and they always get away from the punishmenet , personnaly i prefer someone who is toxic and plays good than someone is friendly and goes 0/20 in 10 min because when i play ranked i want to climb and gain LP ..i don't Q up to make friends or to join a troll fiesta. the int and troll effect is worse than flaming..... every player is positive and friendly untill someone in the team starts to feed and trollers ,some players who are so competitive will probely get mad cuz there game is f***ed .like imagine you have a chance to win but your team feeds the enemy and trolls you ...ofc u will start flaming at this point ..feeders and trollers are the main raison of making players toxic . what do we want ??? make it fair ...update the report system and the punishment system act with the feeders like you act with the toxic players . one last thing .just an idea once we're in game make a notification pop every 10 min as a reminder " don't flame ,don't be toxic,we are watching you " and another one like " don't feed,don't troll we are watching you" LET ME KNOW WHAT DO U THINK IN THE COMMENTS

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