Can we report players after the post game screen is closed?

Title says everything. We need this especially when the "skip stats" thingy shows up and takes 100000 years to load up anything. or does this already exist and i'm just blind. Useless complaining: The game started normally, made a k/da Taric joke blablabla there was nothing going wrong. Mid and Bot lane go help JG invade enemy blue. They all get in position behind the camp and Hecarim says something like "DONT WARD" and our Akali puts down a ward. Enemy champs notice and push them back to our jg. Hecarim gets PISSED. Later in the game (15 min) he confesses he's not ganking because of that. After that, everyone on their team just kept getting fed, and we wasted 30 mins because _somebody_ diddnt wnat to surrender. FINNALY it ended i was so releived that i was free from this torture, i just left. and realised i forgot to report 2 seconds later. y am i so rartarded... {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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