Riot games, I Have been banned for 1 year, pelase unban my account

Hello Riot, My account is Crunktd, I have been banned for a year. I am reformed. Please unban my account. I have hundreds if not over a thousand dollars spent all champions, many skins, and I adore this game. Please unban my account. You unbanned Tyler1, who is still extremely toxic. It looks horrible on your game for you to not unban after unbanning Tyler1. I just want to play your beautiful game. I am a passionate player, in the past I may have communicated aggressively with teammates, but that was out of passion, and for a crucial need to win the game. I have never inentionally fed or ruined a game by feeding/purposely giving up/running it down mid and into the enemy team for free. I have not and will not ever ruin a team game like that. Players in my opinion, should be banned for ruining the game, a person wanting to win and being passionate, and also easily mutable, should not be perma banned. I never did anything to ruin a game. Have any of you ever played a game with voice chat? And you are perma banning me for typing a few words..... In fact I remember the game I was perma banned for, you can check the logs, I WON THAT GAME. I have invested hundreds of dollars into this game. Riot Games. I have been perma banned for a year. Please unperma ban my account so I can play your game that I have already invested thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars into. League of legends was a big part of my life. I watched every Scarra vid, every Imaqtpie vid, every Doublelift vid, I watched all the esports on the weekend. TSM is my favourite team, well, was. Riot. Please unban my account. Account Name: Crunktd Server: NA Riot. Please unban my account. Thank you
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