This player needs to be banned

<removed by moderation> I started a ranked game earlier today with a new duo buddy and we were blessed with this graves. Immediately start flaming me because i wasn&#039;t standing right next to him legit a minute into the game for a leash. I leash him and all seems well until he decides to gank me in the top lane. He engaged correctly but after we got the Darius&#039;s flash and i pinged to back off he proceeds to die to the Darius and again begins flaming me and this is were the fun starts. He explains how he is gonna run it down everyone&#039;s lane and that his goal was to make us lose the game. And to no ones surprise he did just that, starting in the bot lane ran to enemy turret and sat there while they killed him and then came to feed my Darius. Luckily Darius was a unskilled player and still lost lane with his lead, but that wasn&#039;t enough to stop everyone else collecting free kills/gold/exp. I along with my entire team reported him and i have yet to receive a ban report witch is very odd since riot loves to ban people who talk trash but they do not ban people who legitimately feed a game a single handily make 4 other people lose lp.
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