10-Game Chat Restriction

They drove me nuts after trolling, feeding, flaming and RIOT decides...Well, lets suspend this guy because he won't bend over and take it like a man! Game 1 In-Game Mister Miyegi: omg noobs Mister Miyegi: Woof woof. BARK! Mister Miyegi: and ultra toxic Mister Miyegi: hey smart STOP feeding Mister Miyegi: OMFG Mister Miyegi: annie stop this ffs Mister Miyegi: Woof woof. BARK! Mister Miyegi: ok you have fed them all Mister Miyegi: wtf to play. annie and caitlyn have fed them like there is no tomorrow Mister Miyegi: report them both Mister Miyegi: ok. Mister Miyegi: enjoy your reports and i hope they ban you Mister Miyegi: fkn toxic flamers Game 2 Pre-Game Mister Miyegi: all yasuo Mister Miyegi: wtf is that Mister Miyegi: i should ban him Mister Miyegi: but you gona cry like babies Mister Miyegi: take tank Mister Miyegi: someone tank Mister Miyegi: ok we lost. gg In-Game Mister Miyegi: OMFG Mister Miyegi: oooooooooomfg Mister Miyegi: WTF ARE YOU DOING Mister Miyegi: sup is a troll Mister Miyegi: because he is a fkn troll Mister Miyegi: he is a troll Mister Miyegi: just sit there Mister Miyegi: are you going to do anything sup? Mister Miyegi: GUYS STOP IT WITH ZILEAN. he is fkn troll. give me a chance Mister Miyegi: fuck this Mister Miyegi: zilean are you gonna feed for the whole year in this game? Mister Miyegi: tell me your plan Mister Miyegi: something is not going well Mister Miyegi: ooooh you see? Mister Miyegi: he is a drunk troll Mister Miyegi: thank god Mister Miyegi: thanks man Mister Miyegi: guys i told you he is trolling Mister Miyegi: but they dont go after him' Mister Miyegi: ha ha Mister Miyegi: hahahaha Mister Miyegi: he took troll to another level Mister Miyegi: guys dont hit zilean Mister Miyegi: let him do whatever he does Mister Miyegi: guys Mister Miyegi: i think we might lose Mister Miyegi: report me? Mister Miyegi: ARE YOU SERIOUS? Post-Game Mister Miyegi: zilean not cool dude Mister Miyegi: not cool So, after a series of lost games where my 'teammates' did everything in their powers to lose, in this game 3 'teammates' pre-pick Yasuo and i realize i have to ban him or things will get hot but i don't ban him. Of course they start fighting and TOP, who is picking first, takes Yasuo. The other guys start already with threats..... And out of nowhere, the actual troll is my sup who comes and sits (idle) next to the tower...of course they kill him and he repeats over and over and over so im starting to lose it! I chat the opponents to just ignore him and give me a chance, i am willing to try 1v2 as long as they ignore him but they won't (at some point late game they did ignore him cause it became fkn ridiculous) so everyone was ganking bot just to take a kill and as a result i could not even farm while the 'Yasuos' did not give a damn. I guess they even banned me too LOL! And then.... in what was probably the 8th straight game where i was the only on my team that cared for the win (cause you have to win sometime right? unless you are playing this game to screw with your teammates)... I guess i had too much of that, so i type pre-game lets fuck them in an attempt to get them more 'involved'. Start of the game, 5 minutes in and my sup quits! And im like...NO MY FUCKING GOD, NO, NOT AGAIN! TOP has Yasuo and has never left top while he was playing alone cause his opponent came bot so i was 1v3, mid was 1v2 while Yasuo and JG were farming carefree. I was pinging like crazy but none of them gave a shit...and then with all the arrogance in the world, Yasuo asks to ban me because im feeding while i was just trying to make t work 1v3........ THAT WAS IT. Something cracked inside me... I respond and he says fuck your mother and then spams with Italian (i guess) and then...BOOM... i became toxic, not super toxic like talking about mother or die etc but still I wont post it here cause im not proud of it. Result? Yasuo gets away with it and i get chat restricted and my honour goes down to Level 1. I find no reason to play this damn game anymore. There are always trolls, quiters, and spoiled kids creating a mess pre-game, so whats the point? If i'm gona need a bottle of pills after 5 games just to stay composed and avoid a penalty, whats the point? Its pointless, just a waste of time and health. Thanks RIOT!
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