A guide to what gets a permanent ban and what doesn't

I've now completed my entire evaluation of Riot games player behavior competency. This is a smurf account that I used to do these tests. Last season, I blatantly trolled over 250 ranked games to bronze 5 0lp, but made sure I was nice about it. Every team knew I was trolling, and most probably reported me. Literally zero punishment. I posted on the boards that I had done so, and of course I was downvoted and called a liar. Because when evidence doesn't match your opinions, you have to dismiss it. Here's that post: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/g047OoEn-undeniable-proof-that-trolls-do-not-get-banned? I want to stress that I would have my team foaming at the mouth in anger at me for how I was trolling. This was not low key, it was blatant, and they knew I was trolling. I lost about 250 ranked games to get to bronze 5 - 0 lp, and nobody I played with enjoyed it. I would even bet that many got banned for raging at me during this time. **But I got no punishment whatsoever** This season, I have played some, doing the opposite. I tried to play the game correctly, not going full try-hard and demolishing teams, but basically playing my roles correctly. All I did was do what the natural response to trolling is to do, and be mildly upset about it. I never cursed my team out, I never used derogatory or offensive words, I never told anyone to kill themselves, or called them autistic. I simply defended myself when I was flamed, and called a troll a troll. And now, in WAY less than 250 games, I was permanently banned. Here it is: 2 games, and this is what the report states - "Because a player-triggered review found your in-game comms _**EXTREMELY**_ **inflammatory and offensive**, your account's been permanently banned. This is what is considered extremely offensive? Declaring blatant truth is EXTREMELY offensive? Claiming that a support should ward is EXTREMELY infammatory, but apparently trolling is not. Game 1 slippykitten: why you gotta kill me when im afk? slippykitten: no honor? slippykitten: jax late slippykitten: at least he realized i existed slippykitten: you couldve provided a single bit of help knowing i dced and my lane got first blood slippykitten: but ya know slippykitten: i havent pushed all game slippykitten: its like the whole reason you exist slippykitten: lol, so if i just abandoned my lane, that would be cool? slippykitten: you took my lane when i pinged for you to back slippykitten: i cant get zero ganks and give you all my cs and gold bro slippykitten: thats my ward that you saw him coming from slippykitten: jg too busy farming my lane to troll me slippykitten: youre right, feeding jax that wants to troll my lane is certainly my fault slippykitten: not sure what you think i should be doing about that slippykitten: pls, now jhin can come take my gold and you can continue to complain why im not carrying you slippykitten: support, zero wards out slippykitten: must be talons fault slippykitten: lol slippykitten: still waiting to hear what you want me to do slippykitten: must be talons fault, not the teemo supp with no sightstone that doesnt place the free wards slippykitten: 2/5 jax - the whole team is trolling! slippykitten: youre the only one feeding btw jax, maybe its just you? slippykitten: lol slippykitten: for? slippykitten: personally, i would reoport talon slippykitten: lol slippykitten: trolling jax, sona mid, and a teemop supp without a single supp item slippykitten: yup, must be me slippykitten: clearly its all talons fault slippykitten: everyone knows full apc teemo supp is pro level play slippykitten: sightstones are pointless slippykitten: and feeding is the way to win slippykitten: our support has the lowest ward score on the team, sona mid, and a feeding jg jax that didnt gank, they all blame me all game.... slippykitten: such toxicity slippykitten: jhin is the only person on the team actually playing their role correctly and isnt blaming me slippykitten: ward it slippykitten: a bit too far out slippykitten: too bad nobody else wanted to stop the thing that can end the game for them slippykitten: lol Game 2 slippykitten: thanks riot! slippykitten: bullshit game slippykitten: yeah, my internet and pc are fine slippykitten: nope, it isnt slippykitten: it happens if i minimize the game, the client crashes slippykitten: it happens on multiple pc's iuse, one of which is brand new slippykitten: its their client slippykitten: or they could fix their shit slippykitten: thanks slippykitten: right on slippykitten: assist yi apparently slippykitten: the more you guys ks me the more i have to farm to catch back up slippykitten: im not a utility jg slippykitten: thesh - "not gonna help at all?!?!" i go in, he sits afk under tower slippykitten: lol slippykitten: .... slippykitten: are you aserious slippykitten: yeah, i think im done with you guys slippykitten: ok, go get em slippykitten: lol slippykitten: so angry slippykitten: dont listen to the haters, salt no good for us slippykitten: im sorry i let you down, will you forgive me? slippykitten: lol slippykitten: not yet, believe in yourselves slippykitten: trust me, youre still in this slippykitten: im doing my best man, dont be mean slippykitten: man thresh, youre a little jaded slippykitten: lets just try our best and win this! slippykitten: dont worry, keep it cool, we got this slippykitten: im doing my best, they're just being toxic, dont worry about it slippykitten: why dont you have a sightstone thresh? slippykitten: maybe spend less time flaming and more time making sure you gfot the right items slippykitten: lol, its my fault theres no wards from the supp? slippykitten: somehow, theyre now actually saying its my fault that thresh doesnt have a ss or ward slippykitten: thats how blindly toxic theyve become slippykitten: notice you didnt say anything when i got a triple and we took two inhibs because of it slippykitten: but now you gotta rage slippykitten: meanwhile you still have more deaths thresh, but i forgive you man slippykitten: i know you must have some things going on to make you this mad, ill pray for you buddy slippykitten: thresh man, just relax, i was on the other side of the map, i came as quick as i could slippykitten: without wards, how can i know that theyre all topside? slippykitten: people really arent out to get you I expect to be downvoted by those wanting to believe Riot is right about all this. I know there are plenty as well that actually think calling someone who's blatantly trolling a troll deserves a permaban while actually ruining games doesn't, and you're entitled to that opinion, despite how insane it is. I did all this to show that Riot will, **IN FACT, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT**, ban someone permanently for being mildly upset about getting trolled, but will not ever actually ban the trolls themselves. **EDIT**: I'm not asking Riot to unban the account. It was a bronze 5 account that I had spent no money on that I used to test these issues out. My main account is fine. I simply want them to admit that clearly there's a problem in their system if I'm banned so quickly for mild chat logs, but not punished at all for 250 games of blatant trolling. Just admit it riot, and get to work on a system that works. You made false promises with the tribunal that never came back, and games are ruined constantly. I'm trying to help you improve the game, just accept what's right in front of you. **I also want to point out that riot commented here, but didn't even bother to try to make a point. They claimed that because I had said nothing worthy of a ban 6 times, that it somehow becomes worthy of a ban? And they also tried to say I was "Constantly trolling" despite never warning me of that, banning me for that, or providing any data to that. And since I was trolling last season and nobody noticed, even after I admitted it, it seems unlikely they would see even if was, which i wasn't this time. ** **Riot Tantram came into this thread without anything to offer but to try to slander me in a condescending way because he had nothing of substance to offer. When I challenged him, he disappeared. I wish I was surprised. **

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