To all those who think the game is only fun if you win...

This behavior says to me one of three things (this behavior alone is insufficient information to determine which in particular): 1. You have serious self esteem issues. 2. You have no success in real life. or possibly: 3. You're a jerk with (possibly latent) sadistic tendencies. A game is meant to be fun. A team game is meant to be fun for all individuals involved, not just you, not just the winning team, but _everyone_. If you can't stand not winning, then you should be playing a solo game against AI, where you are guaranteed to win. There are exactly 2 teams in a game of league, which means that if you're against equally skilled opponents, you will win on average 50% of the time. I understand that League is meant to be competitive. This does not excuse being a jerk just because someone made a bad play or is having a bad game (and yes, people do have bad games, just because they're dying a lot doesn't mean they're trolling). If you want to win, that's fine, I do too, that doesn't mean I'm going to tolerate you being an absolute jerk just because I missed a skill shot, or don't have as many stacks on Nasus or Veigar as you think I should have., or got caught out in a bad decision. I'm going to be even less tolerant if you have a worse score than me, and aren't playing smart yourself. In general, this behavior is also going to have a negative impact on how much fun you have as well because: 1. It encourages trolls. Trolls want you to react, and if you're flaming them for trolling, that's a reaction. In turn, this makes it less likely that you will win, because they'll just keep trolling. 2. It discourages teamwork. Shouting at your teammates for bad plays doesn't make them play better, period. And unless you're in a way lower ELO than you should be (that is, where you really should be, not where you think you should be), solo carrying is almost impossible most of the time. THis in turn also makes it less likely that you'll win. 3. It has a high tendency to get _you_ banned for being a jerk about people making mistakes or not meeting your standards. If you want to improve your winrate, the way to do it is not to beat people up over poor decisions, it's to work with your team. Look at how the pro's interact. They don't shout at each other for bad plays, they don't try to carry games solo, and they actually work together as a team. Just because you're queuing up solo doesn't mean you can't work with your team.
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