I hate this game, I hate you people.

This 2 week suspension is enough for me to finally quit this horrible game. People are jerks every game. If you get trolled you are suppose to just sit there and take it. Chat logs only show one side of the story. In the 8 years of playing this game, what I've come to realize is Riot cares more about protecting trolls than people who actually care about the game. If you don't like someone mute them. If players want to sling sh!t let them do it. Just mute them. Its a competitive game, people are bound to lose their cool. So long as they don't say racist things or give death threats who cares? Either way, I'm leaving this game full of hate. I can honestly say this game has made me a worse person. Riots policies have made me a worse person. And you people have made me a worse person.
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