What my recent suspension actually taught me

[removed by moderation] Played 3 games in the day before my IFS incident. First 2 were okay, but the last one was absolutely awful. In the past week I've had more frequent trolls and feeders than ever. This being my first account, I figured this stuff would have died out by now (currently lvl 24) as matchmaking should be placing similar account levels together, taking skill and fairness into account also. This last game really got to me. Had 2 adc lock in, which is usually okay in blind pick, but our final guy didn't say a word, ask for a role, or indicate what he was willing to do with 3 of us not locked in. He proceeded to lock Kog Maw with teleport and exhaust. In game, he ran top with Doran's and a pot and was instagibbed near enemy tower by a Rengar. Still not communicating, he went back top and duod that lane even when told to go bot. This guy went from lane to lane all game just feeding and ruining the game for 9 other people. One of my team mates and I got tilted. We vented in chat and I at the very least was suspended. In my newly found free time I went through the summoner's code, finding Riot's clear joke recommendation that you communicate with your team and don't feed. I then went through the EULA to see if the code actually had any influence on these matters and discovered it does not. It really feels like Riot just gives the feeders a pity pat on the back with a "you'll get 'em next time, slugger." I admit I probably broke some part of the agreement, probably in harassment, but it's a joke to think the rules they have set are meant to help players who want to do well in this game. Given this guy fed in my game, and in many others in his match history, the system is clearly in favor of trolls over players who finally get fed up and speak out. The trolls should really be removed, and I would bet things like the old tribunal I read about would greatly improve punishments to that type of person. All the suspension has really taught me is to use the new option of mute ally chat and to say nothing after picks. If this is what Riot is going for, they sure hit the mark. If they actually expect results from their flawed policies, they need to get new staff. Hopefully this experience goes to show you Riot is not out here looking to make a good competitive experience for its playerbase. It's looking to protect the feelings of snowflakes who enjoy wasting others' time.
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