should it be bannable? it was conversation on league /all chat , enemy team was talking about my mum

it was conversation on league /all chat , enemy team was talking about my mum (she died in car crush) and laughting "you should die too" etc. BUT only i get ban. lets talk about it Game 1 Pre-Game Datr2x: wasss upppp In-Game Datr2x: who is top btw Datr2x: DAFYQ Datr2x: calm down Datr2x: try hards Datr2x: 2 ganks Datr2x: in 3 minutes Datr2x: turret op Datr2x: what can i say Datr2x: just ff it Datr2x: lmao Datr2x: i cant Datr2x: farm Datr2x: dude Datr2x: kayn Datr2x: gankewd Datr2x: me Datr2x: 2 times Datr2x: i am too tilted to play Datr2x: you done? Datr2x: no Datr2x: Ok Datr2x: loosers Datr2x: better jungler wins Datr2x: btw Datr2x: i havent got mama Datr2x: my mama died Datr2x: in car crush Datr2x: fuck you Datr2x: reported Datr2x: muted emotes Datr2x: your dad? Datr2x: nice Datr2x: my mom Datr2x: dead Datr2x: as i told yo Datr2x: you Datr2x: and he is joking about dead people Datr2x: riot Datr2x: x? Datr2x: xD? Datr2x: no Datr2x: riot is this one Datr2x: why ban Datr2x: him Datr2x: so to you Datr2x: no Datr2x: you dont Datr2x: no Datr2x: maybe a little Datr2x: ez Datr2x: ez Datr2x: just muted Datr2x: froh Datr2x: frog Datr2x: so do you Datr2x: guys Datr2x: can Datr2x: toy Datr2x: do Datr2x: you Datr2x: do Datr2x: somthing Datr2x: with this Datr2x: you kayn and tahm reported Datr2x: btw Datr2x: bullying Datr2x: no Datr2x: i am not talking Datr2x: about diving and baby sitting me Datr2x: ty morde Datr2x: one who have brain Datr2x: and human empathy Datr2x: everyone die Datr2x: well Datr2x: leona Datr2x: just press Datr2x: "report player" Datr2x: yeah Datr2x: you didnt die in car accident Datr2x: no Datr2x: i am not Datr2x: i am just sad Datr2x: i expect riot will ban you Datr2x: thanks Datr2x: dude Datr2x: lmao
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