Riot Banned All Of My Accounts At The Same Time...

On 1 out of 6 of my accounts, I had a few toxic games because I lost promos to diamond 5 3 times in a row. Yesterday I made a post on that account how its odd how my account didnt get banned, and that Riot should fix their banning system. I only had 1 warning on that account as well. A few minutes after I uploaded that post, Riot banned that account for 14 days. Today, I logged onto the account and my account was changed from a 14 day banned, to a perma banned. I instantly went onto my other account, which had no punishments on it, and it was perma banned. Then I went to every single other account I had, and they were all perma banned too, with only 1 of them having a punishment beforehand. Accounts Banned Below: This one deserved the ban, not gonna lie, but this one was from about a year ago Only Got 1 Warning On This Account & It Got Perma Banned And here are the rest of the accounts that got banned for 0 reason:

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