Deserve the ban?

Got a 14 day ban for this? Viewer discretion is advised lmao Game 1 Pre-Game KKJason: hey KKJason: f.a.g.s In-Game KKJason: gj KKJason: wow wtf KKJason: no mana KKJason: im so mad KKJason: why is ervyone mid ffs KKJason: rammus op w KKJason: holy KKJason: they alwasy gank me KKJason: help :((( KKJason: wtf is this kindred KKJason: ffs KKJason: im so mad KKJason: holy KKJason: terrible game experience for me KKJason: can we ff KKJason: this so dumb KKJason: i was dominaiting my lane KKJason: until jg KKJason: ? KKJason: oh woah KKJason: sorry lck expert KKJason: lmao KKJason: just ff holy shit KKJason: lmao KKJason: i wont make it KKJason: smd Post-Game KKJason: lmao KKJason: thx for carry f.a.g.g.o.t.s

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