Riot, why are people like this level 30 and still allowed to play?

Simple question for a Red: is it possible for you to bypass the normal 'report' system and look at somebody's account manually to ban them? Just played a game with a guy who queued up as support (likely doing it so that he can queue instantly) in ranked, then he chose Nunu and followed around in the jungle, killing the large monsters and calling out my location in chat (I had queued as jungle in the game). Laughed about it in chat, said that he wouldn't be banned. Sure enough, six of the people just left the match instantly instead of reporting him at game end. Not to mention, looking at his match history, he seems to be doing this in just enough games to wreck the experience for others but not enough to actually have punishments levied against him. Is it possible for a Riot employee to do something about this player? Is there a support line where somebody can submit such reports beyond the 'report' button at match end? This guy is gaming the system and laughing about it, knowing that as long as he doesn't do it too often he won't be punished. He essentially said as much in the chat, totally unafraid of the consequences.
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