The "Climb" bull**** is exactly that, BULL**** because of players

I been playing since winter 2009, I was gold once during season 3, and that's it, gold one single time. You keep talking about "OH DON'T GIVE UP YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!" It's a bunch of bull, climbing in the most toxic game ever made is nigh-on impossible unless you're some sort of god at this game. Imagine being silver for every year of this game except 2 (was bronze season 1), and you learn and practice and practice, but nothing changes It's been said even by the law of friggin averages, one should just be able to climb by playing, BUT IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT, heck, even law of averages should at least have me up one year, BUT IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT Oh I got what? 28? 29 days till rewards and i'm silver 2, well guess what, there is no chance in this life I'll hit gold, even though it's not that far away. Let's discuss why. Last night, play my first game in like 2 months maybe? Win, nice, I'm roughly one win (depending on LP given) from getting into promotions Next day, FIRST GAME OF THE DAY OH LOOK OUT IT'S SYNDRA ADMITTING SHE'S TILTED AND JUST FEEDING IT AT MID 0/13/1 HAVE FUN WITH YOUR GAME GUYS You guys need to become far more strict in your feeding/afk punishments, because to this day people still don't believe anything is going to happen to them. The worst part about it is I still ocasionally get that whole "You helped get rid of a toxic player!" announcement from your reports, which is great, BUT THEN A PLAYER IN YOUR VERY NEXT GAME DOES THE SAME CRAP! How in god's name am I supposed to climb if you keep allowing this to happen, riot? Despite yourselves lauding how much you've cleaned up the game from "toxic" players, I see this crap happen literally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, there is not one day I'm reporting someone, every day, EVERY DAY. I can't stand it anymore. This is coming from someone who used to be toxic as all hell and I freely admit it, heck I was banned for 6 months or so some years ago. But can you not see why maybe people get fed up with your game? I go on various discords, whenever league is brought up, it's NEVER in reverence or praise, it's always just how god awful the players' attitudes are in this game. It's continued since the game began and still has yet to ease up. The only thing you've done right in this regard in the last few years is allow remakes when someone doesn't show up at all, and that's frankly all that you've done to address this garbage playerbase. Now am I blaming every loss on this stuff? Obviously no, but I've been making a note that, again, it happens far more frequently than it should, I should like to have a day where it doesn't happen. This game literally makes me angry and I've taken multi-month breaks from it because of how garbage the playerbase is, their "toxicity" makes me toxic as well and so I have to step back, take a deep breath, and just walk away from it for a while. I come back thinking "Maybe it's better!" AND I AM DISAPPOINTED AND HORRIBLY PROVEN WRONG EVERY SINGLE TIME. The gameplay itself is fun! I like the game itself, but the players are exhausting and frankly you guys spouting about how you're going to climb frankly makes me laugh in hysterics cause of how utterly wrong it is.
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