Permabanned? I haven't played in years!

I thought the email was a phishing attempt at first, so I changed my password immediately. I then sent a ticket to support regarding this and I am still awaiting a response. Just to test this I downloaded and installed the client and tried to log on and I am indeed banned it seems. Not that I care entirely too much, as stated previously I have not played in quite some time preferring other games. So mainly it's a curiosity thing and the fact that that this account is associated with me I need to know if it was accessed by a someone else. I have searched the forums and it seems at times there has been waves of accidental bans, is this perhaps the case? I've never incurred an infraction nor smaller ban ever, I can't imagine what a permanent ban would require. Thanks in advance for your reply EDIT: What I have gathered is that support is lacking; for instance, I just posted this in support and it was deleted and suggested I post here as opposed to just moving the post... I posted in support originally because it is a support issue, a problem with an error... why would I post in player behavior and modification when I insist I did not misbehave. The tone here is all wrong.
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