Riot can you please disable brand new champs from being played in ranked ques?

I understand the hype that everyone has at seeing a new champ being released and wanting to play them. I even understand that as someone who enjoys new challenges myself that you might like wanting to try them in ranked to see how well you preform. However, this flat out ruins games and is just simply unfair. For example, I am a low elo player right now and I am only currently silver 4 on the NA server. Because of this, the attitude of MOST people is extremely toxic, childish, and selfish. I bring that up because there is no way you can buy a champion and then that same day preform as well as you would have if you played a champ that you have been maining for the past few months. Or even a champion you've only played here and there over the seasons at least you would still have more experience and a higher chance of winning a game. It is very selfish to knowingly play a champion that you know you haven't had the time to actually learn throughouly and more than likely cause your team to lose. Now before you even say "well then why don't you ban him"? The answer is very simple. It comes right back to the current rank I am in and the attitude of the people. For instance if someone has Kayn ghosted in the pre game lobby and I choose to ban him anyway the first thing they do is rage and immediately become toxic that I banned a champ he was going to play. The result of this is that he then goes to say that he will now feed on purpose or troll. This happens ALOT in lower elos and there really is no punishment for this at all. Sure, you can report the player for griefing and they may or may not get banned but you still lose the game, and LP. There is no help for the other players on the team that just are forced to finish a game knowing its going to be a loss.
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