why do sexists not get punished?

hi, just wondering why riot chooses to ignore blatant sexism, misogynist insults, shutting down of female voices in this game, rape jokes, etc. i'm pretty diligent about reporting sexism and racism and whatnot when i see it. im not trying to be a stick in the mud or no fun but it's not funny to see a rape joke in someone's summoner name. it can ruin someone's game. i report people and nothing gets done, i see these people exist freely for weeks and months. but years ago i got reported for the summoner name "kiwisexual" and was forced to change it. i just got chatbanned for the first time ever in my 6-7 years playing this game~~ because some christian guy was telling me to find a relationship with god and i told him to shut up~~. so im just wondering why people seem to get punished for undeniably trivial things compared to the sexism and racism and stuff that occurs in the playerbase. **(ETA: just found out my chat ban wasnt even initiated by that conversation so nvm)** it's really disheartening honestly to know riot doesn't have my back and i have to see rape jokes and have rape threats thrown at me when i play this game. anyone from riot want to explain the modus operandi here when it comes to who gets disciplined and who doesn't? because i just find it really hard to defend not punishing someone with a rape joke summoner name but then i have to change my summoner name for instance. like it's really obvious riot does not care about their minority playerbase, we all saw how their female staff got treated months ago. but like, you guys can't even punish people who say they're gonna rape me or force me into the kitchen as a slave? explain please. cause it's starting to seem like you need to axe your mods because theyre dangerously biased.
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