Permabanned? There are reasons Riot tells you you're 0.006% of the community.

So, when you get permabanned, Riot tells you that you are part of a very small 0.006% of the community to be consistently or extremely toxic enough to receive the ultimate punishment. Believe it or not, Riot isn't telling you this just to rub salt in your wounds. They're trying to send you a message. Think about it this way, how do players get punished? When their peers report them for behavior that they find offensive. So basically if you look at it this way, it's not Riot banning you, it's the community as a whole that provides Riot the information that's needed to determine what kinds of behavior are generally not acceptable to the player base. At the end of the day, Riot's best interest is to keep their community happy, a happy community will continue to play their game and buy their skins and merchandise. _If that means losing 0.006% of consumers in order to keep the 99.994% of the community happy, doesn't that mean Riot is doing a good job of it?_ Just some food for thought for you players that are having a hard time reforming.
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