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Game 1 Pre-Game IAmAfeedlordAMA: no IAmAfeedlordAMA: if you can't play other lanes, don't play ranked IAmAfeedlordAMA: enjoy the report IAmAfeedlordAMA: we're in bronze IAmAfeedlordAMA: we're all used to losing IAmAfeedlordAMA: exactly IAmAfeedlordAMA: you just give us an obvious reason to report IAmAfeedlordAMA: pretty easy IAmAfeedlordAMA: and i'm telling you nicely IAmAfeedlordAMA: i queued top, i got top IAmAfeedlordAMA: i'm going top IAmAfeedlordAMA: you're going to be mad when you get that 2 week ban IAmAfeedlordAMA: :D IAmAfeedlordAMA: 2 accounts to play in bronze... IAmAfeedlordAMA: lol In-Game IAmAfeedlordAMA: damn, a duo that lies IAmAfeedlordAMA: can you imagine IAmAfeedlordAMA: chat logs are pretty easy to read, riot can see it all IAmAfeedlordAMA: yeah IAmAfeedlordAMA: it will IAmAfeedlordAMA: trust me, they do IAmAfeedlordAMA: easy report IAmAfeedlordAMA: you got support, so yeah, you're getting reported IAmAfeedlordAMA: 1/4 IAmAfeedlordAMA: come on my dude IAmAfeedlordAMA: lol IAmAfeedlordAMA: we're all reporting this clown, right? IAmAfeedlordAMA: except for his duo IAmAfeedlordAMA: no IAmAfeedlordAMA: i don't IAmAfeedlordAMA: are you giving up your lane for some clown that can't play anything else? IAmAfeedlordAMA: he's got 5 deaths IAmAfeedlordAMA: out of our 10 IAmAfeedlordAMA: so queue top mid IAmAfeedlordAMA: and you're going to suffer with the reports IAmAfeedlordAMA: gladly IAmAfeedlordAMA: so not only did you ruin top IAmAfeedlordAMA: you're also taking trynd's jungle IAmAfeedlordAMA: lol IAmAfeedlordAMA: just let them push a lane IAmAfeedlordAMA: we don't win IAmAfeedlordAMA: no it teaches me that kids play this game and don't know what "rules" are IAmAfeedlordAMA: and i told you to dodge IAmAfeedlordAMA: nothing to argue with him about IAmAfeedlordAMA: he got support, he decided to go top, the report is easy IAmAfeedlordAMA: for? IAmAfeedlordAMA: some random bronze kid? IAmAfeedlordAMA: what have you done to deserve respect? IAmAfeedlordAMA: i had to share exp with you IAmAfeedlordAMA: what am i doing to do ? IAmAfeedlordAMA: hit me offline? IAmAfeedlordAMA: you really are a child IAmAfeedlordAMA: alpha...are you 12? IAmAfeedlordAMA: you talk like you're 12 IAmAfeedlordAMA: x9 the support jax Post-Game IAmAfeedlordAMA: cait was in a solo lane as an adc IAmAfeedlordAMA: kennen had to lane with "support" jax IAmAfeedlordAMA: no, it's yours IAmAfeedlordAMA: as the "support" and chat logs should see pretty clearly IAmAfeedlordAMA: i never said you could have top IAmAfeedlordAMA: as a matter of a fact i was very clear that you coldn't IAmAfeedlordAMA: *couldn't IAmAfeedlordAMA: if you think they can't see pregame chat logs you're naive as hell So I'm chat banned for 25 games, because I wouldn't give up the top role to someone that was assigned support. They insisted on duo laning top, leaching xp and farm. Above is an exact copy paste of my chat from the game. Can someone please help me understand? I go my assigned role, I don't use curse words, I don't wish death on anyone or in my opinion even talk down to them other than asking about their age because of my perception of their maturity level.
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