Got banned by people instigating with me?

Welp there's my third perma ban. I've tried Riot I really have, for a short stretch I was really reforming but I just can't do it. I love this game but the anger management issues I was born with get the best of me in every game I play. I must say this time it was unfair I got banned because of people starting the argument with me by flaming or passive aggressive and then I get penalized when I respond appropriately to shit talk. I'm sure none of you can relate but when someone talks shit to me I instantly go 0 to 100 and I am powerless to stop it. I suggest instead of bans you do permanent mutes except for players they are friends with (I recall one 14 Day ban I got was from shit talking a friend I always banter with). I'll be the devils advocate for ragers and tell you guys you need a better system for dealing with people like us. There are people who are a little ragey but it's just because they are competitive and aren't forgiving when people make bad plays, these people usually can reform, and then they're people like me. I cannot stress enough how hard I tried to reform, I muted my team for a long series of games and I always ended up unmuting and arguing with them. I tried pulling the chatbox offscreen but predictably I pulled it back up and flamed them. I wish there was a way to force me to refrain from typing or a way I could only use keywords I would use it 100% all the time. But atm there is no such thing and players like me who genuinely love the game but are powerless to stop the rage get called toxic retards and are kicked to the curb. I'm not condoning my behavior in the least. but when I get penalized for being starting shit with me I can't help but feel an injustice has been done to me. I love this game Riot I really do, I'm trying out for the esports club at my college and everything I truly cannot get enough of this game as you can probably tell by my constant purchases. I would do anything to rid myself of the rage I have had all my life but there is nothing. All I ask is you make a system that actually reforms people instead of leaving them feeling like fucking dickbags and forcing them to a new game. Thank you for your time.
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