Not allowed to choose the champs I want to play, why?

I'm just tired of getting into ranked games and when I shadow-pick Senna, someone on my own team bans her out. "Sorry, I'm not playing with that shit champ" or "F*ck that, if I can't play her, you can't play her" or "If you play her I'm going top lane and trolling". These are all actual responses I've received when trying to play this new champion. Before Senna, I had seen this situation happen maybe 1 in 40 to 50 games. Now, it happens to me more than 50% of the time with Senna. The community is COMPLETELY divided about the new champ and what "the pro players" (YouTubers, streamers, etc.) are saying about her and her kit and they don't even care that I have a 60% win-rate with her DESPITE being constantly trolled by my own team when I actually do get to play her. Some of the games I've had with her are disgusting as far as how well I've actually done with her and some are disgusting because my team flames me constantly. I literally have games where my support will start auto-ing minions or using skills to steal my farm or secured kills because "F*ck Senna". I have so many screenshots of hate towards me just simply for picking a champion. I don't ban other people's picks. What I have to do, based on the system we're given, with zero knowledge of the people I'm queued up with is trust that they actually know how to play the champions they are playing and the roles that they have picked or are being forced to play i.e. Autofill. So if I'm doing that, why should I not also be afforded the same choice in champion selection? If I start queuing up for Solo/Duo and just banning the first person's shadow-pick, that's toxic and tilting as hell! That person is going to play like trash or purposefully troll simply because their choice of who to play was stolen from them. Why is this type of player behavior being allowed and why does the current system implemented even allow it to happen? It would be extremely easy to only allow one player to lock a champion at shadow-pick so that no other teammate can ban or pick them. If they want to try and ask for that champ instead, that's what the chat is for. They can attempt a dialogue about their feelings about the champ or see if someone would play someone else and switch with them instead.

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