Emotions < Truth - enforcing mindless conformity is the opposite of justice

This happened recently in a normal game where I was mid. Our Nidalee jungle dived a Swain with my help and we both died to another player who came. The Swain flashed mastery and the Nidalee went into all chat to say Swain missed all his skillshots. Swain responded that she missed a bunch of spears too. It just seemed like friendly banter but Swain repeated that comment when Nidalee missed some other spears. The once cocky Nidalee now calls for reports &quot;Swain so toxic - enjoy the permaban&quot; or something extremely similar. This is where I come in and say in our chat &quot;get over yourself&quot; + &quot;that doesn&#039;t merit a report and it&#039;s absurd that you&#039;d want him banned for it - that&#039;s just banter&quot;. A minute later or so, the Nidalee dies and then says it&#039;s my fault and calls me stupid. I wasn&#039;t even near where she died. I respond with &quot;you play the victim but then resort to berating and scapegoating others&quot; I don&#039;t like hypocrisy and I have every right to call out this unfair behavior. I don&#039;t care if he doesn&#039;t like it because there&#039;s nothing wrong with me simply having an opinion that is extremely well justified and highlights a real problem. I didn&#039;t go make up nonsense generalizations about his childhood, his character, his life etc. I focused on exactly what I observed and stated something within the scope of that experience. It&#039;s probably exactly because he recognizes I&#039;m right that he gets mad at me. Not all feelings are valid and I won&#039;t care about feelings which have zero basis in reality. I do not care if others agree or not. This is the truth and it wasn&#039;t expressed as harassment or anything of the sort. It was simply honest and Nidalee had to go pretty overboard for me to actually feel he merited a response. The thing is that people REALLY hate to be called out on their BS even when it&#039;s 100% justified. They hate it more than if you spout profanities left and right. Truth is more frustrating but it&#039;s also freeing and hopefully someone can later recognize that what they did isn&#039;t OK. Anyway so now this Nidalee says to report me too for the above comments. Then, the 4 others (who are mostly on Discord) call for reports on both of us. I respond with &quot;I don&#039;t care about your judgment. I care about truth. Nothing I did merits a report.&quot;. Even more on the team join the mob. I respond &quot;state your evidence of anything toxic that I said&quot;. All I get is people spamming &quot;report X&quot; and &quot;evidence lol&quot;. I don&#039;t budge. I repeat that I did nothing wrong and that the accusation is baseless. Now some of them, probably realizing they&#039;re full of shit say &quot;report X for inting.&quot; I had a poor showing but was very obviously not inting and my performance was on par with the rest of the team (who were also losing heavily ever since early game). I used to have a very positive opinion of people and was a super happy kid. I believed in rationality and that we should all aspire to be ethical and fair actors in an effort to improve the world. I despise people who would choose to lie in order to get what they want and it seems there are far more in the world than I ever realized back then. I was insulated. You can see even in the media with its portrayals of people going against the grain. I see articles claiming that James Damore is a mysoginist and thinks women shouldn&#039;t be in tech. Just outright horrible lies. Smear campaigns. It doesn&#039;t matter if you agree with the person or not. Be fair with your assessment, don&#039;t straight up lie about them and pretend they said completely different things. It sickens me. Trump is also a notorious liar even when there&#039;s video evidence. It&#039;s on every side of the spectrum and it makes me sad. If the world has problems but we are honest and have the goal to improve it, it&#039;s doable. It&#039;s not if we act like this though and that bothers me a lot. So much self-serving BS. So many fake people. So little actual value placed on ethics and truth. I don&#039;t bend to it. I won&#039;t say shit smells like roses or I believe something I don&#039;t. That seems incredibly superficial and I accept that the consequence of this will be that fewer people will like me. I don&#039;t care because I don&#039;t want empty friends either. The problem is that the report system in this game will eventually punish me for situations exactly like the above even if I state my opinion without resorting to ad hominems etc. but others don&#039;t like it. I do not call people bad or randomly talk shit to them because they played something poorly. That&#039;s childish and stupid because I know they already are trying to do their best and so what use is it to call out that they haven&#039;t measured up yet? Just to rub it in and feel superior or excuse your own performance? Pathetic and pointless. That&#039;s not what I mean by honesty. I might talk about strategy though or builds if it&#039;s something someone brings up. For example, if some guy calls my build garbage and that I&#039;m an idiot for using it - let&#039;s say Bloodrazor on WW, I might respond that I like it for my playstyle and it actually performs quite well even in higher ELO. I won&#039;t just say &quot;oh shit, you&#039;re right... it&#039;s terrible&quot; and I also won&#039;t be silent like most people. I might say that it has tradeoffs like being worse as a damage sponge but I won&#039;t just agree because they gang up on me and want to scapegoat the Bloodrazor WW as the reason the game isn&#039;t going well. It&#039;s so common to see this kind of behavior. Something isn&#039;t going well so they search for someone different and then they harass that person to displace blame even if logical evidence doesn&#039;t point to that being the primary factor. Occasionally, I will agree if presented with good evidence but most of the time people just talk shit and don&#039;t even have any argument. They&#039;ll just spam ping and make rude comments. There&#039;s no orientation to truth or improvement. It&#039;s just empty harassment. There&#039;s no deeper thing to learn. However, even just responding in the mild way as above will occasionally lead to chat restrictions and calls for reports just because I don&#039;t agree with them and argue back. Arguing isn&#039;t a bad word btw. It&#039;s just presenting an idea and offering some evidence from it. It&#039;s also not like I&#039;ll make these comments in the middle of a fight or while CS is dying. I&#039;d limit my talking time to recalls, deaths, or lulls in gameplay where I have no other options. This is why I don&#039;t like this system. I think most of how it judges is based on report frequency. You have no chance to defend yourself and the mob wins. If the mob doesn&#039;t like you because you stand up for yourself (not talking about retaliation or being mean), their judgment will eventually come back to bite you. Truth doesn&#039;t matter. Fairness doesn&#039;t matter. Justice doesn&#039;t matter. You have no chance to defend yourself or get an impartial assessment of the full chat with context. And yes, EVERYTHING is context dependent but again I am not defending harassment. It&#039;s just impossible to even understand a lot of comments and what they mean without it. The way this system has evolved, it seems like it&#039;s basically a catch all for anything someone might not like somewhere. Even defending your build with evidence when they all want to scapegoat you counts. The hilarious thing is that I&#039;d be the victim in that situation yet I&#039;d get the punishment because I don&#039;t bend to the group consensus regarding my build or play. Of course if I just say nothing then I am infinitely less likely to get reported but I shouldn&#039;t have to tacitly accept BS to just play a game. I should have a right to state a contrary opinion as long as I don&#039;t resort to harassment and mean spirited behavior. This system is NOT ethical as it stands. It&#039;s expedient and effective but for the 1% of people who are like me, it&#039;s going to be completely wack. I&#039;ve never gotten banned but I basically feel like anything I say which someone else might strongly disagree with puts me at risk of reprisal. It feels stiffing - like being in a communist country and having to tout the party line. It&#039;s disturbing. If I had an impartial judge for my behavior - sort of like a jury of other random players, I&#039;d be much more OK with it. However, I think if you have a far higher than average report frequency for behavior like above, you will eventually get a chat restriction unless you simply stop responding. That is not a solution. I&#039;ve employed it on my main account but it&#039;s troubling that it has come to this. People would rather me lie so someone feels better instead of actually being honest. For example, in the above situation, if they just said &quot;let&#039;s just focus on the game&quot; or something like that, great! I barely talked and would be happy with that. To lump me in with Nidalee though just for stating an opinion that annoyed him further shows no backbone and is disgusting to me. My comment was fair and entirely deserved. I think what pissed them off the most was me stating that I don&#039;t care about their judgment and I value the truth instead. They want to feel they can influence me and that they have power that I must respect. When I reject that concept, I refuse to be part of their group/tribe and that makes me bad in their minds because they care about the tribe/group to a higher degree than any ethical concept or even reality itself. So many people do this and it&#039;s the only thing that makes me a bit depressed sometimes... knowing that other people are like this and I don&#039;t function that way. I don&#039;t want to function that way either. Belonging isn&#039;t my drive if it means sacrificing what&#039;s real but unfortunately I pay the price for it since the mob has some power eventually. That&#039;s why there&#039;s supposed to be a more objective system which moderates those forces. Currently, the one we have is probably good for the vast majority but it feels completely unfair to me. I know that I&#039;m free to not play the game and they have a right to implement whatever system they want - including no chat - but it&#039;s seriously messed up. I know I rambled a lot. This isn&#039;t my normal account and I haven&#039;t even bothered to edit the post. I&#039;m just highlighting the problems and hope someone actually cares about this stuff too. I just hope SOMEONE out there cares enough to want to fix the edgecases and fight for a better system. Also, I did not get punished after that game but the calls for reports reminded me of times I did so I had to write this. If no one reads it or gives a shit, so be it. I have zero benefit to writing this but I did my part to help improve something in this game.

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