Can an perma banned accout be unbanned ?

I guess that's a bye-bye from leauge. Game 1 In-Game : they literally : flashed : and killed me instantly : soo ekko : ure playing vs tf : who is losing every matchup : vs ekko : lul : lowkey low elo : mid : ?? : legit : useless : ekko : i wish i never see you : again on my team : legit : bb : kys : cancer : kid : my teamm asdjaiusdhwa omg my team ansiufhwefew : thats how we sounds rn : cancer : ure silverr omg wfjwiuefjwef : hes silver jsdoifjsdifsd : yaall : ezreal : kys Well i can explain. I was having super stressful day,i don't really wanna talk about personal problems about it.But i agree that shoud've been banned,i regret saying to the player everything and i hope he didn't get offended or hurted by any of this words. I just wanna say sorry and good Bye :L
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