PSA: Riot NA is EXPERIMENTALLY giving ONE chance perma'd players to prove themselves. ONE. REFORM!

RiotWookieeCookie's comment from discussion "Permanent bans ONLY being lifted in NA"
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Posting this on Lito instead of ShinodaChan because this is (hopefully) the account I myself will be participating on. **I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH - IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING, ACTUALLY REFORM AND DON'T WASTE THE CHANCE.** This is a rare opportunity for players _ONLY IN NORTH AMERICA_ to show how not all permabanned players are bad. If you don't think you can reform, slap yourself in the face and tell yourself you can. I've never been happier than today to hear this sort of news. I'm so glad Riot is doing this & I pray to whatever god exists that this experiment doesn't get raided by selfish players. Please don't let me down guys. PLEASE, I don't wanna regret having told the Boards about this. Edit: My ticket's been assigned to an agent, I hope that I can join you guys (and if not, good luck)!
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