Permanent Bans are Lucrative

Riots stance on toxicity is that if you are being verbally attacked, you should just mute all, keep playing and report the offenders after the game. This system can easily be taken advantage of by angry players who gang up on a person having a bad game, get a reaction out of them (because self-defense is a basic human instinct), and then submit false reports. These situations regularly slip through the cracks because the system is automated, and in my experience, Riot's support staff has zero empathy or compassion for context because they don't review In-game footage. They just read their scripts, say "well, you shouldn't have said that" and pass you on to the next person. This kind of unfairness actually CREATES angry players. The only thing that makes actual sense is that permabans are good for riot's bottom line. People are forced to create a new account and since they don't want to spend months collecting blue essence, they pay real money to get their favorite champs again. This form of discipline doesn't correct behavior, perpetuates gang-like abuse, and makes Riot (plus all the sites that sell accounts) tons of money. I understand that, at the end of the day, this game is a business and money makes the world go round, but how greedy do you have to be to keep running a flawed discipline system that literally steals money from people under the guise of "we're helping correct bad behavior"? (Also, in real life if a human is getting attacked by someone, whether verbal or physical, self-defense is natural, which is why the court system doesn't dish out identical punishments to both the attacker and the person defending themselves.)
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