An idea for a better solution to toxicity. This is not a meme or a troll. Read please. Thank you.

**(Preface: I spent a good amount of time thinking very carefully about this, so if you're going to downvote this without reading it, just wait one second, hear me out, think about it, and try to tell me honestly in a reply how this would not solve the problem of toxicity in this game for every person who is bothered by it, forever, while also making Riot Games some more money and increasing the size of the playerbase, thereby decreasing queue times.)** **The Business End of Things (Rito's Bottom Line):** Right now, we have an issue at low levels with very toxic players. The reason for this? Their original accounts were banned and they want to continue playing the game. This has a severe negative impact on the growth of the playerbase, as people who come in and experience this environment and find it distasteful are driven away before they get a chance to experience the full breadth of what League has to offer, the things that keep us coming back time and time again. They don't get into the game like many of us did because it scares them away. They don't find their favorite champions. They don't buy skins for those champions. Riot makes less money. I get the impression that Riot, as a business, enjoys making money, as most businesses do. **The Rundown:** Here's my proposed solution (note that this solution is only viable if people stop deriving pleasure from seeing others punished, and instead focus on the idea that they will very rarely, if ever, experience a toxic game after reporting someone): When someone is reported and the report is found to be justified by the IFS, instead of the player being punished with successively more severe restrictions, both they and the person who did the reporting should have an invisible tag placed on their account: -The reported will be tagged as "reported" -The reporter will be tagged as "reporter" **These tags will be invisible to players and will only serve as a way to enact the following measures:** A reported player's chat messages will be invisible to a reporter player's. That's it. Once someone reports a person and that person is found to be toxic, as defined by the community, the person who reported them will no longer see any messages from other players who are found to be toxic, as defined by the community. Their experience in the game, which is all that matters, assuming they don't get pleasure from witnessing the punishment of others, will be much improved, because, while they will still be matched with players who say mean things, they will be unable to read those mean things, and will not even know that those mean things are being said. **The Conclusion:** Boom, toxicity gone for everyone who cares, and for those who don't care, or even enjoy a little flame war, let them go at it. Plus, if the most abrasive players in the community get to keep their main, high-level accounts, because they aren't banned, they should feel less of a need to make new accounts and end up ruining the low level experience for players who are actually new to the game. If you think anyone in this scenario is a loser, you are drastically mistaken. I am not trolling, this logic is sound. I've checked it over and over, this is by far a better solution for both the player base and Riot Games as a business than the one we have now. Again, the only people who would not like this system are those who want their toxic messages to be seen by the world and everyone in it, and people who find a sense of pride and pleasure from watching others be punished. Personally I find both of those types of people distasteful, and frankly don't give a damn what they think. **The Postscript:** **Note: Zero tolerance / permaban worthy words and phrases should be exempt from this, and still result in their current punishments, because it is widely agreed not just in the League of Legends community, but global society as a whole, that those words and phrases are taboo.**
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