Something GOOD actually happened today...

So let me start out by saying this: I love LoL. I love the game, I love the mechanics, and I love the strategy and TEAMWORK behind it. But... I HATE how 98% of the player base are super-mega-ultra-toxic and unhelpful. I've only been really playing for a month and a half now, so obviously I'm still learning how to best play the game. How to counter build. Where to go after lane phase. How to ward effectively. I'm a gamer (mostly console, but newer to PC) and I consider this the hardest game I've ever picked up. Hands down. But ultimately, when it comes down to it, it's not the game that makes it hard. It's the people. Ever since I hit level 30 the game has gotten exponentially harder. I'm matched with better people (naturally) and my team keeps getting utterly destroyed in every game. Notice how I say "my team" and not blaming other's ability to play. Now I usually play support or ADC, which are in my opinion, two of the highest stressful positions in the game. If you're support and your ADC keeps dying because he/she keeps diving in horrible situations and you can't do anything about it, you get flamed. If you're ADC and you go 0/1/0 in lane in the first 10 minutes, flamed. I hate it, but bot lane is my favorite lane to play and I just love support and ADC. But it's gotten to the point where I just wanna quit League all together, because I'm sick and tired of being brought down by my whole team, just because I'm slightly behind in lane and a newer player. I'm tired of having to explain that I've only been playing for a month and a half and I'm tired of people saying "well you're level 30, so you should be better" or "get gud" while other players have YEARS of experience and knowledge. And it's not just me, the other person in my lane gets trashed as well. It's not our fault that we're not as experienced as the other two enemy laners who might have years of experience and just dump the aggro on us. It's not even our fault if we just have a bad game and make some mistakes. But today I was playing as Soraka with a Jinx, against a Kalista and Karma. We were doing our best, but they were just going ham on us and I'm pretty sure the Karma had full AP runes, because she'd drain half of my life with one ability and she only had a spellthiefs at the time. So we had no choice but to farm under turret and before you know it, Kalista got a couple kills. This immediately lead to our jungler Pantheon (who failed a gank earlier because he just ran out there without any indication of when he was gonna engage) saying "man our bot lane is horrendous" and "you guys suck and don't even know how to play the game". May I note that this is a player who decided to forgo smite in order to gank "better". Anyway, this lead to our Ryze agreeing and saying pretty much the same thing. But I kept my cool and stayed supportive of this Jinx, concentrated on healing my team, and we fought back hard, but we still lost. In the chat after the game our Ryze immediately started trash talking about us, so I defended Jinx and myself, saying I was new and we did our best considering how the game was unfolding. And also gg :3. Naturally I figured that this was going to lead to some wise-ass retaliation, but someone on the enemy team had told me that I did very well for the situation. He then went on and started talking about how I could've made my build better and was very helpful. But after all this, our Ryze chimed in and started helping as well. I guess maybe he felt bad? Anyway, League is a fun and rewarding TEAM game. Don't be that 98% and scare people off when they're actually trying to be good and trying to enjoy it. TL;DR Every game I've played the last few days has had toxic raging flamers for no reason, and I've finally played one game where the only understanding and respectful person was on the other team.
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