Is riot high?

Okay i got a 25 game chat ban for the most absurd reasons. (at least i think so) So me and my friend were playing league per usually, we had this one game where i wasn't doing as good as i would have like. Towards the mid to end of the game Ezrael and blitz started flaming me and the jungle player to put it simply. Ez tried to surrender 3 times and all 4 of us refused, she he decided he was just gonna troll for the last 10 mins of the game. In which he sat at the fountain and used his true shot barrage to take away cs from us who were still trying to claw back in the game. And once the enemy got to the nexus turrets, he would come out to ks the team and run back to fountain, and continued to flame us until we eventually lost. And they chose to ban me for this: Game 1 roachblunt: idiot (I called him an idiot because he was gonna mute jungle and not talk with the team) roachblunt: now he cant ommunicate withnus roachblunt: zeds not op in the slightest roachblunt: by whom? roachblunt: true i was picking against annie roachblunt: or i thought\ roachblunt: i'm already feeding so i beat you to it roachblunt: lol roachblunt: i am 1/3 zed got his kills elsewhere roachblunt: lol roachblunt: nope roachblunt: lol roachblunt: and you take away cs roachblunt: yeah you suck ez roachblunt: blitz carried you roachblunt: LOL roachblunt: tthen you died to him more than i roachblunt: moron roachblunt: yeah 1 to zed, 2 to camille rretard roachblunt: ez toxic, because he fed zed roachblunt: maybe if you didn;t want to die to zed, learn to play the game and WARD roachblunt: retard roachblunt: lol roachblunt: why didn't you just hit the tower once? roachblunt: blitz roachblunt: had all day roachblunt: true roachblunt: yeah thats what happens when they get out of range roachblunt: and listen to you, jusmping in on a 3v2 roachblunt: retard roachblunt: good job blitz roachblunt: learn to stop dying and feeding zed blitz roachblunt: you fairy %%%got roachblunt: and ez roachblunt: lol roachblunt: ahahaha roachblunt: report ez for trollinf roachblunt: i like playing roachblunt: i'm having fun roachblunt: we got dis roachblunt: now that ez stopped his bitching roachblunt: report ez please roachblunt: he ragequit I mean really? I got banned for calling a troll a %%% who was already flaming the team sense the first 10 mins
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