Isn't placing toxic people among other toxic people counter productive? (Warning: Rant)

EDIT 2: Sorry, I didn't know Riot doesn't do what I thought they did. Good to know it's just bad luck and I'm not going crazy. EDIT: I should say I really am trying to work on my behavior, but it's not very forgiving when every game I've played today has had a complete jerk on it. In all honesty, I'm getting the most toxic people I've met in my entire life in these games. I don't know if that has to do with me being dishonorable or what, but it's honestly quite infuriating and only makes me want to be more toxic. My earlier game I got inted for taking one siege minion and I feel bad for the 2 other players that were still trying to win, but he and his duo could not give a single fuck about anybody else in that game except themselves. My most recent game everybody on my team was a piece of shit. My mid lane banned my top laner's pick because it was a troll pick (Shyvana). About 2 minutes in I get flamed for not warding river by my ADC even though I had already used my ward earlier, and I messed up sums and got flamed by my jungle for calling the wrong summoners. Then about 5 minutes later the jungle takes like 3 minions and the ADC says don't tax me and the jungle calls him an egotist ironically enough when everyone in that game was acting like entitled children. Towards the end of the game, the top laner starts to call everyone on the enemy team trash and terrible at the game because he did so well. To top it all off I had to play Kassadin support because when I asked to trade with the mid he was like no I don't want to play Kassadin anymore. How can you put me with people like this and expect me to not flame them? I wanted to run it down mid at 10 minutes just to stop playing with these complete ass holes, and I haven't inted in 4 years. I get that it might be a temporary solution, but I feel like it'd be far better to make people feel bad about their actions instead of just placing them with ass holes of equal level. Maybe put a stupid thing around their name or something. Put "musky" in front of their name or something (nobody wants to be known as the "musky momfker123" guy) I don't care, but the current solution is absolutely horrid and solves no problems. tl;dr: The current way of fixing toxic attitudes doesn't fix anything and to actually fix toxic behaviors it should be known to all players that some guy was being an ass hole recently and it should be shown in a demeaning way. P.S. While we're on this topic I think the honor system could act in a certain way too, not just by having "wow cool little banner thing before game if I get honored," but like something that actually is visible when a player is super sportsmanlike.
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