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Hi I tried to log into my account but find it was banned permanent. I actually played last night without any issue. I looked at the email Riot send to me it said that my account has been detected as having been leveled by botting. This behavior is something that is usually associated with account sales and the use of third party programs, both of which are severe violations of our Terms of Use. The thing is that I never used any third party software or botting to play the game, I only have one account in oversea client, if I need bot why don't I create more account to play? I even asked you to delete my extra account in north american server. I even purchased a starter pack and some RP so I can buy skin that I like. Why do I do anything that will cause this problem? You can investigate that I normally would response during the game, I do not think any bot can do that? am I correct? Do you block me due to I always use a certain champions and do not waste my IP to buy champions and runes that I do not want to use or because I normally play with AI? I really need someone to look at my ticket regarding this issue, if I really did something wrong I will never come to here to ask help. Like I was punished for waiting 20 mins for a few times due to my system crash, the game just frozen for no indication, I tried to re-install the game, driver and even re-install the system, none of them works. These issues are not my intention and I get punished, but I did not come to ask for help and I even think about to purchase a new PC, now I get banned for something I did not do, it is really unfair and not right. Can anyone look at my account to help me to resolve this, please? At least tell me what is going wrong so I can know what cause my account banned.
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