A curious summoner reflecting over it's behavior, searching for guidance by fellow summoners

Hello dear summoners, I have some thoughts I would like to share and question. I would appreciate all opinions. I have lost many games in league of legends latest, it feels like if I don't carry and roam all lanes it's almost secured loss. I have gotten more players that int in my games than normal and I mean way more than usually. And I am questioning my self whats the reason for it. I have gotten permanently suspended on my other acc for improper language in chat, so I have changed my approach. Instead I am hard passiv aggressive and I think it irritates them way more then how I used to be. And thats the reason they all int in my games. _To my question is there any statistics that would prove that if u are using an improper language in game that it would worsen the chansen of winning? _ I am currently silver two "main" supp, sometimes I get the chans to duo with 2 amazing plat smurfs and they think I am good (I assume good for being silver) in lane but my game knowledge haves a lot to improve. When I duo with plat they know exactly what to do and it dosen't matter if whole team is feeding, we will dominate lane and rest of game. And I am not that good to carry alone. But I feel like I should be playing in low gold, I am currently pendling from silver two and silver one and I want to leave silver and get to gold where I can evolve at a faster rate, I am not learning a lot from my loses in silver because I am thinking more about my team then myself. So I wonder if my biggest misstake in games currently is that I am passiv aggressive in chat and that makes my team play worse. The second misstake I feel that I do that is preventing me to climb is that I am touchy and I will easy give up games and not playing my best, which leads my team to even play worse. I guess I am a very negative player. I feel like just writing down this thoughts leads me to the conclusion that I need to stop this behavior it makes my team feel uncomfortable and makes my self following a negative circle. Writing it down like this and reflecting over it makes it clear that I am the problem. But I still wish to hear your thoughts about this matter and maybe your own experience. By the way I just got suspended for 14 days, can I get reported for pinging? Just wondering. Don't wanna lose a second account.
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