The way league of legends is moderated is inherently harmful to ones mental health.

First riot tells us to simply ignore and dont respond to those who sling the most vulgar unrelenting hate at us. Because it could tilt other players not involved in the conflict. So basically they are saying one should not stand up for them self or others because of the effect it could have those around you? It may not seem so harmful in this context, but we learn behavior, especially children. This kind of teaching is harmful because we learn the overall "mood" or "tone" of a room, (material or virtual) is more important then our own. Its the same mentality that stops people from calling out sexual harassment when they are at a work function, and stuff like that. because they are more afraid of any negative implications being put on them, for someone else's actions, when its true, that persons actions started the exchange and warranted the response given. Its natural to be upset if you get told to kill yourself or something of the like online. riot wants to convince us it is the "normal" "non-toxic" thing to take it in and report. Without so much as word back. Dont get me wrong im not saying retaliation is always beneficial in these situations. But what i am saying is that sometimes it cant be helped. And suppressing it at those times, is not good for you. And punishing players for it just reinforces the idea that, Its not your right to be offended. And telling people to shut up and just take it, for the sake of not "tiliting?"other players, just further reinforces a mind set, that you are unimportant. And must hide your true feelings for the sake of strangers. Speaking of "toxic"... The word itself is toxic... literally, it has no definition pertaining to human behavior. So when people use it to describe human behavior, more often then not is quite vaguely used. calling someone "toxic" in league of legends is actually more harmful than most other things you could call them, take "trash" for example. Trash is typically gross, smells bad, and is not something you want to work with. so essentially comparing to those things its like saying " i dont wish to work with you" Okey, thats fine, people can have that opinion. But when you call someone toxic, its like you are comparing their presence to a disease or something that is not only failing to functioning by itself but spreading/bringing down others as well. This is where the actual blame comes from. In game the word is used to describe a number of behaviors from muting everyone to spamming chat. But what really gets me is that Riot support staff use the word all the time, normalizing a definition less word as a integral part of the community classification. If riot really wanted players to improve their behavior they should have made a very concise list/chart, of what is deemed against the summoners code, and what is deemed fare game. Instead they just saving a few chat logs, and call you toxic. "I'm glad you were positive for part of the game, but we hold all players to the standard of refraining from toxicity at all times. The positive spirit is great, but doesn't change the punishment for the negativity." "It doesn't look like we have seen consistent signs of reform since your previous punishment, so your account was never deescalated from its toxic standing." "There is never a circumstance that gives you the right to be toxic like that." ""toxic" is a gaming term. I"m sorry if this isn't a term you are familiar with being used in this way. If you would like, I can replace that word with "offensive". So in this case, you were offensive." Offensive is a word that is meant to describe behavior. Someone/Something that is toxic is usually deadly, unchangeable , dangerous, and most important of all open to interpretation when talking about behavior. If Riot support is going to tell a player they must reform their behavior, they must at least use proper English terminology so it can be understood what exactly to say and not say.
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