Is this a truly bannable offense or a false positive

Some context to this match: The player I was engaged with in the chat first started off with chatting to me as soon as I pre picked Lissandra for mid lane. The player asked if I had Coven skin, and I responded with "no". The player then responded back with "kys", and at which point I decided to mess with him a bit. Now, looking back at this reform card chat logs, the most aggressive/inappropriate words I said are "boobs", "damn", "kys" (mind you that this is I stating back to what the player said to me in pre-game, not myself asking him/her to perform the act), "trash", "goof head", "wtf", "kys" (again, pointing out the fact that i'm making dumb comments such as these to this player for saying this to me in pre-game, not myself asking him/her to perform the act), and "nooby nub". I was a bit surprised as to how I received a 14 day ban and chat suspension from this immediately after the game finished. Then I realized, There is no way you can get this type of ban for 6 out of 7 of these aggressive/inappropriate words, the word that has had to get me banned is "kys" (yet again, me pointing out to the player that I am goofing on him/herself for telling me to do this in pre-game, not myself asking him/her to perform the act.) So, I ask, Is this a truly bannable offense or a false positive? If this is a bannable offense based on an actual mod/reports reviewer reviewing the report, then I'll simply have to accept this punishment as harsh as it is by simply not chatting in the future to counter such an overly harsh ban. If it is a false positive (which I think it is, because of myself saying "kys" regardless of the context), then I'd like the account to be lifted of its current 14 day ban and chat suspension. Also I am aware that the chat logs don't show the player stating "kys" to me, I guess the report system doesn't show others chat logs in the same reform card to show context. I'm sure that League has a way to look back on the entire chat logs though. Also if this forum post is located in the wrong section, please let me know or move it to an appropriate area. Here is the Reform card. Game 1 Pre-Game SoulDraxios: no SoulDraxios: i like her default SoulDraxios: init? SoulDraxios: do you have Aatrox skin? SoulDraxios: which? SoulDraxios: waste of monies... SoulDraxios: to buy all of em, yes.. SoulDraxios: yo momma paid for it? SoulDraxios: poppa? SoulDraxios: what about boobs? SoulDraxios: how do you get Aatrox skins from boobs? In-Game SoulDraxios: damn SoulDraxios: nice Atrox skin, Renekton SoulDraxios: your aunty must be proud SoulDraxios: Why am I toxic!!? SoulDraxios: guy tells me to "kys" says im toxxic.... SoulDraxios: logic 101 SoulDraxios: shaco, go babysit Aatrox please SoulDraxios: good kill Aatrox SoulDraxios: btw wtf is with that tail... SoulDraxios: this top lane Aatrox is a unlucky goof head SoulDraxios: youre not camped SoulDraxios: youre Aatrox SoulDraxios: of coure youre mad, Aatrox has a revenge of hatred lore SoulDraxios: shaco SoulDraxios: go camp that dead Aatrox SoulDraxios: Trash Aatrox player SoulDraxios: has a tail... SoulDraxios: i mean wtf SoulDraxios: look at ping SoulDraxios: go ahead SoulDraxios: only poked fun at you SoulDraxios: cuz you told me to "kys" SoulDraxios: so .... SoulDraxios: cant take it] SoulDraxios: dont dish it SoulDraxios: no SoulDraxios: i wan him to suffer SoulDraxios: not tilted SoulDraxios: just Aatrox wit a tail SoulDraxios: hes not bad, hes Aatrox Post-Game SoulDraxios: gg Aatrox SoulDraxios: nooby nub
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