@rujitra I muted them, what now?

..Removed by Moderation.. We had a discussion a while ago about having trolls in a team. I asked you "what should I do then when I'm having a troll premades in my team". You said: "Mute them and keep cool". I did.... I wasted 40 minutes of my time. What 3 of us + enemy team did? Report them. Effect -> nothing. Thanks guys for such wonderful system where for saying "sell skin" or "useless jg" you are getting a permaban, meanwhile for trolling the game you get nothing. So let's just sum up, what tool do people have against trolls in their team? Ummmmm? Can they kick out a player and replace him with bot the way it's done in HotS? No? Okay, so maybe what about the report? Lots of people reported them from both teams, they are having 1/14 and build that is obviously a troll build. They must have got at least honor decrease for sure.... nope. Funniest part is that they didn't want to surr so we had to play whole game although we knew it's lost, their Irelia was 31 kills, full build and could solo penta. We couldn't go afk cuz we would get an extended queue. I told the guys that they are getting reported. After he added me to friends list and laughed at me. No bans, no warring, nothing. ..Removed by Moderation.. Running solo into 5 suiciding is totally not trolling but having a bad game xD I'm creating this post because each time we are having an argument about that, you always say the same thing all over again, ALWAYS! "mAyBe ThEy HAD a bAD gAMe!!@" ..Removed by Moderation.. Trolling exists and Riot does very little to help people fight it. But I guess it is fair to permaban people for saying "useless yasuo 0/10" although you can always mute them, but it is not fair to ban people for trolling because "mAyBe ThEy HAD a bAD gAMe!!@". You have no right to have a comment on your teammate's performance in the game, but you are entitled to throw a game and laugh because who cares... you just had a bad game. When someone is having a 0/10 yasuo and tells him that he should not play him anymore in a chat, that person is totally not having a bad game. At the end a fine example of your social justice: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/KYUeQk5E-thank-you-for-the-memories-riot-games-im-sorry-i-couldnt-improve-and-be-less-toxic-please-read This guy totally deserved it. I feel straight away safer knowing that you banned such horrible person. Thank you rito, for your service now I know that whenever I'm suiciding into enemy team and throwing the match.... I'm just having a bad game. I also know that building mikaels on teemo and having 1/14 stats is the way ;) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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