I was Wrongfully Perma-Banned for using third party software!?!?!?!?

RIot sent me an email, that said my account was permanently banned for the use of TPS, but when I contacted player support to argue that I was wrongfully accused and banned for the use of TPS in modifying the league of legends client.... but when I asked what exactly happened, and when they noticed the suspicious activity, they could not tell me when or what actually happened, only that I was banned and that they would not do anything about it, neither could they share any evidence that I actually in fact did something against the summoner's code. **First off**, Im only a gold tier player from last season, for one I have no reason to script, because I mainly play this game to have fun, and only play enough ranked to achieve gold5, either way the day I got banned I only played 4 games, 3 of which I lost hard _(3 normal SR and 1 ARAM game)_... **Two**, Ive been using a mac laptop to play league, and according to my lacking knowledge of code on the OSX platform, when an application downloaded from the internet, (in this case being the League of Legends client), unlike the Windows OS, it is saved as a full application, not as an executable file that can be edited, by simply injecting a foreign line of code into the file itself, so by just that it would be impossible for me to even attempt to edit the client in any way. **Thirdly** I pride myself in being a skilled player, that can live up as a shining example to the community, despite being blunt about my opinions most of the time, and multiple times over this past year I've actually considered starting a youtube channel to create Gold Jungle guides on my mains and other things I find interesting, why would I want to soil my reputation, when I have a goal to eventually become a public figure in the league community. If anyone wants to check my match history to see if I was hacking or not search my summoner name **Dragon Luna** _**Please upvote this for visibility guys, Ive put too much time and money into this account over the past 3 years to have it taken away over being wrongly accused of something I never did.**_

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