@RIOT Rhojin A response to something (quoted) you said in forum would appreciate a reply back.

Okay @Riot Rhojin I just wanted to replay to something you said and see if you would reply back with a response because well its been about 4 years I would say I have posted on this forum about these things and not one Rioter has dared to mount a response to me. Since you seem all about the community and everyone sings their praises about you I figured your about as good of a shot as I have to ever actually get an official answer from a Riot member. Note that I am in no way trying to ACTUALLY be rude here tho I may come off as such due to my passion about what I am going to comment on. Anyways here is your quote and I will apply my response to what I wanted you to comment on. Note that the response will prolly be long. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rhojin (NA) - 2 days ago 1 of 2 Rioter Comments You were punished for your consistent verbal abuse and harassment against other players in your game, not because you were only defending yourself. You tend to rage at players who are playing poorly, demand reports against them and telling them to refund skins and champions if they did not perform to your expectations. This was abuse carried across the three chatlogs that were supplied to you when your suspension was issued. Before the permanent suspension hit your account, you went through multiple chat restrictions and a two week suspension for the same behavior. The punishment on your account is more than justified. In regards to your self defense claim, you can still be punished for firing back at another players. When it comes to your suspension it only matters what you do, not what others do. While you may feel that you are in the right defending yourself or others, two wrongs never make a right. If you run into players displaying negative or toxic behavior in game you can mute them and report them at the end of the game. The moment you fire back with your own negative behavior you warrant any reports made against you and justify any disciplinary actions take against your account. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "When it comes to your suspension it only matters what you do, not what others do. " @Rhojin - And that there sir is exactly what is wrong with your system. You allow the antagonizer the dignity of annoying your players and then punish the players being annoyed instead of the instigators of said act. Again and I will say this till this game shuts down or becomes trash ( doing a great job on both fronts there riot HAHA ) In no other game / anything / real life situation etc, is it that the person who defends himself is the one punished. Meanwhile, the person who caused the issue, crime / altercation / verbal attack etc, gets away with what he did and is let off scott free and given a handshake from said authority Riot games / Police / Judge / etc. You have the worst possible system in place, and what you stated there just proved in and of itself how absolutely ridiculous you and other rioters sound when trying to defend the system. Does it ban actual toxicity ? Yes 100% it does. Does it stop actual toxicity ? 0% no chance in hell. Why ? simple, because the ones doing the antagonizing are allowed to do it in 100's of games before MAYBE finally being punished. Meanwhile, the player being antagonized gets much harsher punishment almost instantly. Especially when said antagonizer is in a group or party that has multipule people to infract you with to defend their "buddy" guess we should call it the "TOXIC BUDDY SYSTEM" and you can only give a single report .... who's side you going to take Riot ? I know the answer seems hard so I will answer for you the toxic buddies will be the ones taken seriously. Honestly you know what the absolute best thing ever would be for a RIOTER to finally understand how horrible this system is ? Imagine if you will in this fake scenario, a Rioter was at a convention doing his thing when suddenly some guy who hates Riot for being banned starts flaming this Rioter. So the Rioter talks back and try's to defuse the situation. But then said person engages in a physical altercation, and punched said Rioter in the face so the Rioter defends himself and swings back trying to protect himself from harm. Now the Police are called and they hear both sides of the story and the Rioter is arrested and sent to jail. Because "When it comes to your Arrest it only matters what you do, not what others do. " Now I think I have made my point extremely clear. Riot your system is flawed would you dare to come in here and argue this point with me ? I would love to hear it. I know how much you guys love to ignore me because its pretty hard to argue a point this specific that makes 100% sense compared to the non sensical crap you spew on a daily basis. @Rhojin Please feel free to come argue this point with me. don't worry, I'm not a bad dude. I am just very passionate about your system. I want only for that system to be improved so that all players can feel comfortable playing under "RIOTS LAW"
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