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I don't know what to do this season, its unplayable. IN any division, whatever you play or do, you just end up losing your mind. Nothing out of the ordinary? Just a classic demotion? Yeah, except it's Season 9 and some people just don't know how to play the game. Just how is it possible to have 2x as less than your support while playing Yi? I get it that he is autofilled but his overall game knowledge was NOT Platinum level. He had no idea how to path, no idea how to gank or what to gank, no idea what objective is important or not, no idea how to rotate at what time etc. Just how is someone BELLOW Diamond this season and complains that they climb, i have no idea. Out of my 15 reports this month, NON went through, my tickets were only REDIRECTED to a bot. Nobody was punished, despite the screenshots,videos,actual prof or in this case 'mmr boosting by Riot' because Yi doesn't belong here. Copy pastas from supports all the time, nothing being done about players like these because they are disregarded as 'just a bad game' . Despite the fact that, THAT someone could be just afk farming entire game and not interacting. There is no report button for that, that is not AFK in a literal sense.
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