Is Riot going to do something or does toxic sexism not matter to them?

During a ranked game I came across a rather toxic duo. The top laner kept pushing, getting ganked, and dying. I told them to not push if the enemy jg is so focused on top. That is when they began targeting me. They told me to "go back to the kitchen" which I guess, maybe because I play support, they assumed I was female. They proceeded to tell me "my body shape was my worth" and their duo followed up with "fat bitch". I wish I took photos, but I wasn't thinking straight after they put me down like that. Not to mention top was 0/16 and diving the enemy base (two-three towers deep) and I was trying to think up a way to come back. I reported it and someone watching it happen also reported it and I've heard nothing back. I'm wondering if Riot takes sexism seriously because I have heard about what is going on in Headquarters and now this... I really love League of Legends, but I don't want to support something that doesn't protect people against abuse and I am feeling very exposed and attacked.
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