Proof Riot's System is...well...Garbage.

One. Game. With pre-made trolls. Results in a permaban. Thank you, Riot, for making your system so transparent. Had a bot lane (duo) that continuously fed and trolled our jungler. I'll be checking up on their accounts to see if they are banned or not. Game 1 eatsrito: *sigh eatsrito: report illaoi? eatsrito: i called top eatsrito: ty eatsrito: gg wp eatsrito: glad teemo took tp...... eatsrito: you took tp and are troll building eatsrito: ^^^^ eatsrito: ^^^^ eatsrito: gg wp eatsrito: push mid eatsrito: 0/8/0 bot lane eatsrito: unbelievable eatsrito: well, didn't help that illaoi didn't say anything in pre-game, even after i called top eatsrito: congrats..... eatsrito: you clearly can't read what I just typed..... eatsrito: keep spamming, my friend eatsrito: only more evidence for a report :D eatsrito: "u gotta [feed] less" eatsrito: 0/9/0 bot lane eatsrito: sorry twitch eatsrito: you had good ganks mid lane eatsrito: will honor you eatsrito: troll top and bot lane, though eatsrito: 0/11/0 bot lane, lmao eatsrito: too fed eatsrito: just report and move on.... eatsrito: bot lane trolling and int'ing eatsrito: no reason to not ff eatsrito: gg wp eatsrito: *than eatsrito: btw twitch, not reporting you, but i am reporting this bot lane eatsrito: don't type any more in chat b/c that will go against you eatsrito: *you're eatsrito: learn english eatsrito: btw, this bot is a duo eatsrito: bot lane is duo'ing eatsrito: and trolls every few games eatsrito: but congrats if you think you're good at this game, fizz eatsrito: please don't waste any more of our time
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