I just got hit with a 14 day and im curious

I got a 14 day ban for being toxic in chat and it was 100% deserved im not gonna lie but im curious what happens after, like, am I gonna get falsely reported sometime and since I got the previous 14 day ill get perma banned? I'm definitely not gonna say that kinda stuff in chat anymore as it was the first time id ever gotten frustrated like that so is there a way to lose the status or something cuz I've put time and money into this game and I'd hate to just lose it, and I understand I got the punishment I deserved but is there a way to change my rep or something cuz this is honestly the first time ive been a douche in chat and I dont wanna be stuck with that label forever for just one bad game. Also im really scared of being false reported now and getting banned for just having a bad game or having different ideas than my other teammates or any conflict whatsoever that would get people to report me for doing nothing remotely toxic. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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