Stricter rules in normal games?

Alright I get it. People play norms to relax and chill. However I've been encountering people that outright do not care about the game at all. Just because it's a normal, does not mean you just don't focus and try. Tired of this excuse people use to justify not playing the game with effort. I still wanna win the normal game regardless. Just because it's "normals" doesn't mean you don't focus and attempt to win. Is it that hard to play fairly well without focusing all of your brain power on the game? I'm not asking for you to carry super hard or to get 200 cs in like 20 minutes. I'm just asking for some effort. Saying that it's just normals does not justify putting little to no effort in the game and hindering the people who signed up for a 30+ minute game. I report these people for negative behavior and such but it seems the filters can't identify these players poor and pessimistic attitude. Can we get an improvement on this?
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